Denmark Food – BEST SMØRREBRØD + Lunch at 800 Year Old Castle!

Denmark Food - BEST SMØRREBRØD + Lunch at 800 Year Old Castle!

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On this Denmark food tour we started off in Copenhagen for some of the best smørrebrød in the city, and then drove outside of the city to visit Dragsholm Castle for an exquisite meal in an 800 year old Danish castle! #Denmark #Copenhagen #DanishFood

Aamanns Deli & Take Away ( – One of the best and most well known restaurants in Copenhagen for smørrebrød (the Danish open faced sandwiches) is Aamanns. They’ve taken the sandwiches to the next level, using creative ingredients, and balancing every sandwich to perfection. They are truly an art form. I had an honor to be in the kitchen and see them assemble these pieces of artwork. We tried a classic traditional pickled herring, followed by roast beef, and finally a steak tartare. An amazing smørrebrød experience for breakfast!

Æblerov ( – Cider – On the way outside of Copenhagen, we stopped at Æblerov, a small cider producer. Very cool place, and we got to sample a few different types of cider.

Dragsholm Castle ( – One of the highlights of this Denmark food tour was visiting Dragsholm Castle and meeting with Chef Claus Henriksen. They specialize in Nordic Cuisine, using mainly local ingredients grown or sourced from around the castle. The restaurant in the cellar is a Michelin Star restaurant, and we enjoyed a selection of incredible dishes. What I liked is that everything is focused vegetables and produce, with meat there to support the vegetables. The highlight dish for me was fried hemp (cannabis) leaves in butter, with wild duck. What a dish and what an experience. The hemp leaves were delicious! The only thing I wish is that we would have had time to spend the night in the castle after eating lunch.

Muld ( – Organic Farm Restaurant – Finally to finish off this amazing day of Danish food, we drove to Muld, an outstanding farm to table meal experience where they literally use only ingredients they have on their farm for their food – everything from the vegetables and herbs to the meat. We enjoyed some delicious pork, juice, and pickled vegetables. Great place and amazing owners.

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  1. hornborg land

    This castel ( yes i am danish ) is the most haunted place in well nearly all Europe have up to 100 spirits and ghosts, sleep well there after a dinner 😉

  2. Purple Orchid

    Gee…your guide is downing the wine like water!! Other than the driver issue…the dishes look sooo elegant!!! You can tell it all was delicious….just saying with micah and yang in vehicle pay attention to driving guide. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Denmark is a culinary dream destination

  4. Sicarius Peremo

    Ironically, Butter is the least part on on Smørrebrød 😛 Sometimes it's even hard to find the bread, for all the toppings 😛

    Never come across this channel before, which surprises me, but i definitely subbed! 🙂

    Greetings from Denmark 🙂

  5. Terry Rogers-Kulick

    OMG! those open faced sandwichs looked yummy! Kuddos to the take-out shop!

  6. Art Of Sylvia

    Why wouldn’t You eat holding the plate.ABCOf good upbringing!

  7. The fried things on top of the smoerrebroed at 4:10 is actually onions not potato

  8. Gone Zapatero

    Terrible cheap food and overpriced, tastes like nothing at all

  9. strapman1110

    Kiluvõileib >Smørrebrød

  10. Ole Koustrup Hansen

    Just think about it, I have to learn from an american of an interesting place near where I'm living (MULD) – have to go their in spring or summer

  11. Ole Koustrup Hansen

    You know Dragsholm Castle is the most haunted castle in Denmark

  12. Ole Koustrup Hansen

    Sorry Ida Davidsen is better than Aamanns

  13. Septimus Solis

    The Sprite tastes better in Denmark

  14. BitchesBeTrippin

    Mark has my dream job

  15. hypocrisy on talking about the pigs…

  16. MainstreamPoPsucks3

    I wonder how many times Mark eats a day

  17. That raw meat scene got me feeling sick

  18. Seiko Samurai! – Geeks will know… 😉

  19. I would love that dessert!

  20. Third Species

    I would like to see mark eat some soul food here in America