Street meat is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures…
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All this week there’s a festival happening along the waterfront right in front of our apartment! We’re talking live music, all sorts of games for kids, and, of course, DELICIOUS street food. So we grabbed our camera and endeavored to show you what street food in Brazil is all about. We love to eat local, and were so glad to have this opportunity to share with you all a few delicacies from Northeastern Brazil!

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  1. Coxinha 9 reais ? Taporra, aqui na minha city é 2 mano KKKKKJKK

  2. Amanda Aguilar

    Que coxinha cara

  3. Edson Ribeiro

    Hot Dog in São Paulo includes smashed potatoes! And is absolutely amazing

  4. Que Raul Seixas gatin

  5. Magrelo Da L200

    Muito show seu vídeo 🤗😋👍

  6. Eduardo Santos

    Caldo de cana com pastel de queijo .Uma delícia

  7. Marcos Junior

    5:00 essa coxinha ta mais cara q o normal

  8. Rafael Salatino

    Casal super simpatico, devem ser muito gente boa.

  9. You guys are so cheerful and your words are so clear

  10. o salsichão com farofa me deu fome! pior que vou comer peixe daqui a pouco…. prefiro carne de verdade!

  11. We proud of our food before see your video :v

  12. minha comida de rua preferida aqui do nordeste e o rubacão, feijão macaça com queijo branco cozido

  13. Elaine Bezerra

    hahaha vocês são maravilhosos!! 👏👏😂😍❤

  14. Thiago Santos

    Suco cana de açúcar é etanol no Brasil

  15. Kevin Bullard

    Who doesn't love dudu!

  16. Luckymag 2016

    well, I would have to say, having had the privilege of travelling a lot around the world, that overall Btazil is the best country there is in terms of food, simply because while there are other places where you can eat things as delicious as some of the things from Brazil, the variety in Brazil is simply limitless, like I wetn to 6 different states and in each of then I ate a different type of food and it was all delicious, generally healthy and the taste is so vivid

  17. Ester Araújo

    Isso sim é um reaction de comida brasileira

  18. Thales Silva

    Fiquei orgulhoso deles irem pra minha terra natal…

  19. Pastel di flango calaio

  20. luciana tomas

    hey guys try feijoada it's the best with caipirinha , amo ai que saudades my favorite and churrasqueira oww picanha the best in the world..