Day 11: 3 Dinner recipes for maximum weight loss & energy!

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  1. vegetarians are food nazis.
    cant make a meal i would feed a goat.
    eating out of cans
    no herbs spices or seasoning.
    but their bodies…. yummm

  2. I loved the info! but the video…. you couldn't see the dishes as u were describing them… :-(

  3. Caroline Wagner

    Freely,i could never eat that much at one sitting. How does one achieve this?

  4. I miss this Freelee..

  5. tharika fuhrer

    So does it have to be specifically corn pasta freelee? 

  6. Ariel Anderson

    Hello Freelee,
     I need help. I really need to lose 30lbs and I went from 4000 calories to 400-800 and I've not lost at all! I thought about trying an all watermelon diet. Do you think it will work? Please help me

  7. Cathy Nguyen

    Freelee makes it seem like all vegan people crazy binge on boring foods. Most vegan people don't eat that much food and can make tastier food than this, not binge on unseasoned foods! It's not as if onions, garlic or spices were bad for you, just use them.

  8. Monica Lulek

    I do agree that freelee's recipes are kind of plain. Probably because she's just used to it. However, you can add any spices as long as it's not salt. Adding pepper to food can really improve the taste :)

  9. laimonas matukas

    😀 Potato potato potato!!!…. :D

  10. Jasmin13Jasmin

    "Well, the fruit's in ma ears" hehehehe :D

  11. Victoria Mack

    Every time I see princess in your videos, she is just glowing.. Is it the diet or does she have make up on ? I have been dying to know !

  12. Jacob Greenway

    1.5 kg's of white potatoes? that's well over 2000 calories

  13. citygirl2160

    So cute.. Mum and daughter can dance so lovely….

  14. who is the other woman?

  15. Do another video with your friend Princess!

  16. KarenCastablanca

    Hi Freelee, the pasta will taste better if you heat the sauce in a pan and then transfer the cooked pasta right from the water to the sauce pan. If you let the noodles absorb some of the flavor of the tomato sauce and add a little bit of the pasta water to the sauce, the noodles won't taste as bland. Also, you won't have to add any extra oil or salt. It's all about technique.

  17. grenzenlosefreiheit

    500 g pasta!? I have 100 g and I feel super full after… how can you eat 500 g, I am confused….

  18. I know this video is older but why does she has a Red Lobster commercial here?

  19. Kristina Valen

    cool t shirt!

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