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Fish and Chips recipe

For the batter:
1 cup self rising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cup beer

All ingredients need to be very cold.

Beer and flour ratio will need to be adjusted depending upon your flour.

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  1. FifaPrince 200

    your fish and chips are so lovely byby the salt is shit

  2. What kind of fish did you use? And what other fish can you use?

  3. Damien Johnson

    Liked the way you cooked the fish.  What kind of fish did you use?  I heard its best to use fish like cod or tilapia when making fish and chips.

  4. Oscar Alvarez

    I did this but used clam fry flour and it tasted way better 

  5. Yes vinegar and salt. Tomato sauce and a wedge of lemon completes the meal.
    The best secret is to  fry using beef fat! But don't tell anyone.

  6. Hi James, thank you..

  7. They are potato wedges not chips. You just peel potatoes, slice, rinse, dry and then fry for chips. If you dip the fish in seasoned flour first then the batter you will get a great crispy batter.

  8. Bruno Sebastiani

    What the… boiled potatoes?

  9. jason soroko

    2 Hours for Potatoes ?  No Thanks – Cut em up and fry em good

  10. man james everything u make looks awesome, ima make me some fish and chips after work today w a cold one! cheers…and u make ur mexican food like a real mexican haha (Im from san antonio, tx )

  11. milla kallate

    Crispy Fish and Chips Recipe / World of Flavor:

  12. Sébastien Laflamme

    Nice recipe. Will tweak the batter with spicy crunched doritos for a darker batter color. If you want your fries crispier cut them in advance in smaller shapes and let them soak min. 3 hours in cold water (no heat like in this video) :)

  13. James Strange

    @what? Due to your google+ settings I can not reply directly to your question. 

    You can leave out the salt, I like to add it so that the potatoes can soak up some. 

  14. Is it important to add salt to the water with the potatoes?

  15. I tried it last night. I did exactly what I saw in ur video. need u to help me figure out what mistake I did. the fish looked nice & crispy while frying it. but once it  is out on the paper towel it is soggy & lots  of oil it absorbed. one thing I have to say I used non alcoholic beer as my religion bans alcohol. hope u can help me.

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