Creme Caramel – Creamy Baked Caramel Custard Dessert Recipe

Learn how to make a Creme Caramel Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy creamy baked caramel custard dessert recipe!
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  1. zach listner

    you mean flan….

  2. Molika Khoeun

    When making the caramel sauce I put a drip of water just in case

  3. Jonathan Cornil

    I tried this recipe, and I failed. 🙁
    The problem is that my flans started to rise in the oven. While they're not supposed to do that.. And I don't know what I did wrong. :-/ The end result was flimsy flans with a caramel puddle in the middle when I turned them around.

  4. Arkadi Sharkov

    +foodwishes Not to be a foodnazi and don't hate me, but I beleive that the creme caramel should be without pores inside (very smooth), meaning the cooking temperature should be around 80 C (Celsius).

  5. Becca Calliou

    i wish my boyfriend could cook and bake like him

  6. I love love love the way you teach…

  7. SunglassesGuy


  8. Hi I made this last night but only one problem! The sugar tastes bitter… WHY

  9. Fluffymaster33

    What is the taste comparable to?

  10. Norbert Vossiek

    Dear Chef John, I can personally confirm it is a Kraut pleaser.

  11. You r truly amazing -Liz

  12. Does anyone notice he is such a great poet ?
    "There is still a little jiggle
    but that liquified wiggle in the middle
    is no longer visible"
    OMG it rhymed so well

  13. Mary K Thompson

    Flan is French? So, then, what is the history of Mexican flan?

  14. Rahul Padman

    You are awesome!!!

  15. Bryna Loewer

    your oven is super clean.

  16. Tuấn nguyễn

    Or should it be bitter?

  17. Tuấn nguyễn

    My family told me that my caramel tasted a bit too bitter, which I don't u derstand. I don't think I burnt my caramel, as I did everything chef John did, swirling the pan and all. I turned off the heat immediately as soon as the last parts of the sugar dissolved ( and it was amber-ish in color). Am I doing sth wrong? Pr did I just burnt it like an idiot. Great recipe btw

  18. 〈〈shawty〉〉

    looks like flan to me….?? idk

  19. What is the difference between cream Carmel and cream brulé?

  20. Nadia Cedillo

    dominicans put in condensed milk in it . and we make a version with coconut its called flan de coco you should try it

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