Creme Caramel – Creamy Baked Caramel Custard Dessert Recipe

Learn how to make a Creme Caramel Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy creamy baked caramel custard dessert recipe!


  1. Tuấn nguyễn

    Or should it be bitter?

  2. Tuấn nguyễn

    My family told me that my caramel tasted a bit too bitter, which I don't u derstand. I don't think I burnt my caramel, as I did everything chef John did, swirling the pan and all. I turned off the heat immediately as soon as the last parts of the sugar dissolved ( and it was amber-ish in color). Am I doing sth wrong? Pr did I just burnt it like an idiot. Great recipe btw

  3. 〈〈shawty〉〉

    looks like flan to me….?? idk

  4. What is the difference between cream Carmel and cream brulé?

  5. Nadia Cedillo

    dominicans put in condensed milk in it . and we make a version with coconut its called flan de coco you should try it

  6. the anglaise recipe you use. may I ask is there a specific reason you didn't make it over a bain marie (just curious as a chef. wondering if you're looking for a texture/consistency etc that the other method wouldn't achieve

  7. Ryan Carroll

    Do you need the hot water bath?


    You mentioned the subtle hint of ORANGE with the use of the Grand Marnier…I won't be using that, but had seen another recipe for the Crème Caramel that uses ORANGE RIND which I will add to the recipe.  Interesting too, in that a number of other recipes use the addition of WATER with the sugar.  It obviously works both ways, but omitting the water…does it simply produce a thicker/darker caramel compared to if you add water to it?  Thx

  9. Natalie Strawberries

    gahhh I want some now!

  10. Experiment Eks

    Chef do you have a recipe that uses whole eggs? I don't know what to do with the leftover whites. And I barely do anything in the kitchen to keep it that long. -_-

  11. master john,,,,i heard people are starting to worship john is that true? like a guru

  12. Hello chef ~ so entertaining as always !

    Although I always wondered, what exactly is whole milk? is it like the 3,25% of fat milk?

    I often make these for my darling, but i use heavy cream and vanilla beans as it has a better taste than the vanilla extract.
    I want to try adding crème fraîche and Grand Marnier next ! And also make the caramel decorations so it looks fancy :]

    Although I have an issue… Each time I make the caramel it has a beautiful amber color but still tastes bitter. I carefully watch its cooking so it never burns, but I still can't manage to make it perfectly. Do you have any tips for that? I really want it to taste great ~

  13. Samantha Vang

    We called it #letcheflan

  14. you're so funny :D

  15. Donald J Trump

    How can someone dislike this video ?

  16. Luke with an N

    is it possible to make this with raw cane sugar?

  17. Hello chef I would like to ask if we can use cold tsp water in the baking tray or is it just hot water only pls advice many thanks

  18. Hello chef I would like to ask if we can use cold tsp water in the baking tray or is it just hot water only pls advice many thanks

  19. Next door Neighbor

    Crème fraîche, cafeteria fraîche!

  20. Eustacia Salim

    Do we have to use the secret ingredients??

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