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Learn how to make a Confetti Rice Salad recipe! Everybody loves confetti – except maybe for the people that have to sweep it up – but its one major drawback is that it’s completely inedible, unlike this amazing “confetti” rice salad, which is extremely edible. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this easy, and beautiful Confetti Rice Salad recipe!

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  1. Try also with brown rice – I kind of prefer it this way!

  2. Good old cayenne 😁

  3. Marty Foster

    "Freakishly Small, Wooden Spoon!"  You crack tough un E!    Thank you for your videos…. Good stuff!

  4. Yehuda Brick

    Chef John my food wish is Jamaica beef patties with coco bread. One of the best snacks and I would love to see your take on it.

  5. Dislike for the stupid voice

  6. Are those purple and white carrots, chef? Thanks!

  7. Anne Greenforest

    My food wish is that you make some dish including quail. We are going to raise quail for meat and eggs so I'm trying to find out some good recipes 🙂 Thanks Chef John i love to watch your videos!

  8. Chef John: The rice is perfect because none of it is stuck together.
    Asian Guy: WTF?

  9. You are the Daniel Boone of your freakishly small spoon.

  10. michelle logreco

    I just love your recipes!!

  11. Rachel Gordon


  12. Rice is easy. Just boil them in water in a properly sealed pot until all the water is absorbed. Seasonings doesn't really change the flavour much unless you use chicken stock(which will turn it into hainamese chicken rice) or vegetable stock.

  13. Susan Stroda

    1) Is there ANYTHING you don't put Cayenne in?
    2) Black beans and Mexican Roasted Corn going in mine💓

  14. Burken Productions

    Can you make a similar dish that is not a salad but with warm Rice instead?

  15. Grape TomatoGirl

    This was delicious Chef John, thank you.
    I don’t have a freakishly small spoon, but I did use my freakishly small whisk. Also, I used the boiling vegetable water for the rice, and, it set in the fridge for the full 24 hours. I’ll use the tips you posted on your site next time I make this. However, I’ll make a double batch so I can keep one of them vegan.
    Thanks again Chef ~

  16. Atomic Auroch

    Making this for a block party next week. Looks great!

  17. This asshole blowes his snots in all his salads, ugh.. from mayo to olive oil.. it's all snots from his nose.. and spit ..

  18. Cooking rice in the oven uses so much energy Chef John. Please rethink that

  19. Mrs Unforgiven

    "You are the Lawrence Ferlingetti of this beautiful rice confetti"

  20. Mmmm so tasty! I put in s jar of drained capers. Fantastic 👍🇨🇦