CNY recipes [stir fry roast pork with leeks] 蒜苗炒烧肉

CNY recipes [stir fry roast pork with leeks] 蒜苗炒烧肉

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  1. Margaret Lock

    I Love this vegetable Leek with Roast Pork, thanks for sharing Ah Pa

  2. no_chefs_here


  3. Why you prefer stainless steel over traditional wok?

  4. christheswag

    Happy Chinese New year ah pa thanks for the video 👍🏻

  5. 大蒜、不是蒜苗

  6. Margarito Palmani

    Hi Ah Pa. I noticed you always use Shiao Shing wine in your dishes. What’s the purpose of the Shiao Shing wine?

  7. Geetha Aaron

    Wow super yummy 😋

  8. Thank you. Looking forward to celebrating Lunar New Year 2020. Year of Rat. That's me (1960) 😋 My favorite dish.. San Bo Fon (Treasured 3 BBQ meats w/ rice ) dish!

  9. We are watching with my husband today;i think his gonna like it !i Hope we can find that leeks leaves in China town Manila..

  10. Plus fried tofu, Ah Pa… the recipe from my mother.

  11. I ❤ the top green part. 😋Don't ever leave them out! 🌸新年快乐🍊🍊恭喜发财🌸🐭鼠年🌸

  12. peaceloveforever88

    so great

  13. Love recipes using leftovers and little bits hanging out in the frig 👍🏻❗️🌸

  14. Nice! Shared with my Mom!

  15. Hsioszee Ong