Classic Rice Pudding – Old Fashion Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe – One-Pot Method

Classic Rice Pudding - Old Fashion Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe - One-Pot Method

Learn how to make a Classic Rice Pudding recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy, old fashion, creamy Rice Pudding!
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  1. can I use penut butter instead of normal butter?

  2. add raisins its good

  3. Fatzilla 1221


  4. Rhonna Marsden

    i love egg custard, i crave that. but i love tapioca and rice pudding without raisins too. thank you chef. ❤

  5. temp_name_change_later

    Does anyone know if I can use jasmine rice for this?

  6. This is a staple in a Cuban household! I love it so much!

  7. Dwayne Wladyka

    A nice rice dish is my food wish! Looks so satisfying. I'd use ramekins if I wanted to brulee the dessert. A great looking recipe.

  8. do you have a tapioca recipe?

  9. rice puddin makes me think of my grandma

  10. this is awesome

  11. Rice pudding is my favorite!


    nice item thanq sir

  13. Balon Greyjoy

    Rice pudding is one of my favorite desserts! Would it be okay to make this with cold coconut milk, Chef John?

  14. The Master of Hoppets

    Wow this is VERY similar to the Danish festive dishes Risengrød & Ris a la Mande. The first of which you serve hot for dinner with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, topped with butter and served with a low alcohol beer called Hvidtøl. The second is the dessert edition, which has cream instead of milk, almonds, vanilla and is served cold with a hot cherry sauce on top. Usually a whole almond is hidden in the whole portion of the latter, and the one who is lucky enough to get it, gets a small present. This looked like a great variation, I need to try it! Great recipe!

  15. Shawna Miller

    Could one substitute the milk for coconut milk or hemp milk and have similar thickness results?

  16. ThoughtsOfALeo

    Well, this sure beats my makeshift rice pudding of using old takeout rice, throwing in milk and cream as well as cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg and stirring until the consistency is what I like.

    I'll definitely have to give this recipe a go!


  18. petitsjoujoux

    Why did you use only egg yolk and not the whole egg? Can you let me know please =)?

  19. take that 3 pots