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Learn how to make churros recipe at home. This churros recipe is very tasty and easy to make. In this recipe I have fried the churros as they serve this fried but you can also bake it to make it more healthy.
Authentic churros recipe is made using eggs but you want to make it eggless, you can replace it with flaxseed powder mixed in water.
Enjoy this yummy recipe from my kitchen.

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  1. Tiny Tortoise

    *when you have everything but brown sugar*

  2. Ghufran Abdulfattah


  3. Dammit.. I don't have brown sugar.

  4. teru but in cursive

    i have no eggs 😭

  5. Inabat Nigmetullina

    It’s too much oil

  6. for the first part when you add brown sugar to the water can you use white sugar instead?

  7. FanFics R Us

    yay cooking in quarantine here i come!!

  8. Inabat Nigmetullina

    How much do I have to boil??

  9. Sandra Ramirez

    I tried this recipe yoday. I had every ingredient. They came out delicious! My family loved them! I've never made churros out of scratch. This is the recipe I'll keep on repeating when I make them again!

  10. Those eggs are really healthy! At most stores, they are a bright yellow, but it you feed your chickens well, they will turn blood orange. That means the eggs are rich. Noice

  11. I have tried it I didn't like it sorry it was too eggy texture wasn't crispy no matter how long I fried temperature and all its very airy due to the numbers of eggs I believe

  12. Never dip a churro

  13. can i use cake flour instead of reg. flour?


  15. Nour Ben Amor

    Im in quarantaine i guess like everyone and these are yummy

  16. Okay but tell me why when I made them they tasted like those donuts at Chinese restaurants but crunchy

  17. Pleasseee someone respond but does this work with cake flour too??

  18. Lol Epiphany

    I want to try one!! HAHAH

  19. Marina Soliman

    I made it, it's so yummy 😋🌹🌷

  20. Made these during quarantine they’re amazing 💕💕