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  1. M not very fond of sugary eatables….but yes snacks like churros r tempting n can't be just denied🤤😋

  2. Hope and Nice

    I thing the thing that has the filling i thing it was just on the top..😂

  3. Can I use margarinw instead of butter?

  4. My churros tasted like shit last time I made them

  5. Heba Mohammed

    I was curious about the recipe only because of bts. Since they like churro specially our bunny. And I found the recipes really interesting. Will try making once at least

  6. Rede Velvet cake mix

  7. Fatima Alham2004

    Oh wow I’ve tried making that and it kinda worked

  8. What’s a churro

  9. Keiari ‘s Wrld

    Just me who saw that ant at 1:08 okay

  10. Something_Studios

    I feel like BTS will love these (Mostly Hobi) cuz they loveee churro's

  11. Why RAPESEED

  12. Jawad Hammoud

    I’m currently making them but they never look the way they do in the video especially while making them

  13. Ramen Noodles

    Highly recommend using butter instead of oil to make the churros

  14. miss epicure

    The red velvet one looks like twizzlers 🤣

  15. Sallicelery Securityates

    Very fatty dessert they are made this. 😝

  16. Molten Churro Bombs

  17. jerrett hill

    Just a reminder, If youre struggling keeping up like me, you can slow down playback speed.


  19. Hamo Meshaly

    fast and perfect channel on Youtube>>>#Tasty

  20. Shauna HARIDAS

    My dough was super super sticky