Churrascada – A Brazilian BBQ meatfest & exploration of Sao Paulo's food culture

Upon invite Mr. Smokey Goodness Jord Althuizen flew to Sao Paulo to light his fire and cook some whole stuffed hogs. Dive into this fire fed adventure, learn how to roast a whole cow and discover Brazilian BBQ and Sao Paulo’s food culture.
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  1. Denis Lamonde

    Thank you so much

  2. rens rosbenders

    What is the song used at 10:17

  3. Marcel Kikuchi

    Very Nice!! What camera did you use?

  4. mario jorge majjorc

    Muita frescura

  5. Tijmen Rengers

    The dislikes are from vegans, love it jord!!!

  6. I really like the way you capture the essence of the BBQ culture here in Sao Paulo, congrats for the video. I will let an invite for you, when you'll be back in town let me know so you're invited for a BBQ in the farm such as the name of my blog.

  7. Spinha Graffiti

    Que dá hora!

  8. matsunaga marcelo

    muito bom…. bem vindo a São Paulo

  9. Aurélio Mangrich

    Volte sempre!

  10. Ailton Junior

    Great job. Welcome always in São Paulo!

  11. Roberto Trevizan

    Great video! Proud of our country!

  12. Pedro Bandeira

    Mortadella sandwich from mercado Municipal is a tourist trap

  13. What a happy place!

  14. Bob van Tunen

    Geweldige film, echt heel goed gemaakt! Sfeer erg goed weergegeven, knap als je op zo'n festival met minimale middelen er toch het maximale uit haalt! Ik zag al wat bekende dingen uit de boeken voorbij komen, leuk! Meer filmpjes en recepten zeker welkom!

  15. Wow beautiful foodtravel report! Thank you! Would have never imagined me visiting Brazil, but Sao Paolo may pull me in 😀