Christmas Rice

Hello everyone, today’s recipe is a simple rice dish you can make for the holiday season to add some color to your plate. I know some of you may be saying that rice is not in any way a Christmas dish but I like to eat rice and I can assure you there will be some on my table come Christmas. Anyways this should be a good side to your baked chicken etc. Give it a try just to change things up.
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  1. weeble on the rice!!!

  2. Nice! I like my Christmas rice with raisins.

  3. Haili Jaisarie

    christmas in august

  4. Kisha Nelson

    Hi Natasha…I made this dish for Christmas and again last night to go with some salt and pepper wings and it was delicious both times. The smell in the kitchen was aromatic😍. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  5. Stephanie Lanferman

    Like the music…need to know who sang it

  6. Adil Abrahim


  7. sonique ramlal

    lovely recipe…worked quite well for my family

  8. Eetine Pelumi

    wow this is lovely I made similar my grandma loves it

  9. Eetine Pelumi

    wow this is lovely I made similar my grandma loves it

  10. Joseph Hudetz

    I am going to prepare this for a family crowd tomorrow. I think I can prep the veggies and cook the rice last minute as I am bringing dishes to my brother's. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas and God blessings.

  11. tiggereds malabar

    thanks for the recipe

  12. milana edwards

    looks so yummy makes me want Christmas to come more fast