Chicken with garlic spinach dinner video recipe from Chaplin’s

Don’t like spinach? You will after this recipe. Chicken breast with a white wine sauce over garlic spinach. A easy, fast, and economical chicken recipe for dinner. Another one of the great chicken dinner recipes from Chaplin’s New London CT. For more recipes for dinner and chicken recipe ideas visit our playlists. On Facebook it’s Daddy Jack’s.
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  1. This what a Chef is all about, NO nonsense, just great food! Thanks for another great video, my friend.

  2. I LIVE FOR SPINACH!! Hey this would of been a b-day dinner for me!

  3. I love this, being in Australia, sometimes the ingredients are a little confusing, however, the tastes are amazing! 40+ years in the kitchen and you have proved that us old dogs still have a few tricks the youngsters haven't learned. Bravo!!

  4. Gabriel Thompson

    Bettah git da buttah

  5. Question:  At about 2:58 in this video you add butter, then two liquids.  I'm assuming one is the white wine but you seem to say "butter lemon."  What are you adding?  Wine and a splash of lemon juice?  Looks great and I'm going to make if I can get clarification.  

  6. So cool to see a professional handle biz….

  7. D. J. Tanner

    Jack, can you show us how you flip your food in the pan just by using the wrist-arm method? I tried it a thousand times and I can't get it right! Thanks in advance! 

  8. Great, this is going in my recipe book right now! :)

  9. Cato Jørgensen

    Jesus Christ on crutches that was fast!! Looks awesome.


  11. theresa bollman

    Super nice meal!

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