Chicken Wings 7 Ways

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  1. Shana Medley

    Rootbeer chicken wings? 😨😨😨

  2. I'm making me some wings ❤ thanks

  3. Testing the honey BBQ wings right now (in the oven) since that and the garlic parmesan wings are the only things I had ingredients for. Lets see how this turns out lol EDIT: Turned out quite well. Crispy out of the oven before tossing in the sauce. Putting them back in I did 10min, should have maybe done the 8min or even 5min. I'll watch them next time, but for sure they turned out delicious. My wife was happy with them lol We used sweet baby rays regular bbq sauce to mix with the honey

  4. • m e x x a l i •

    Is there any recipe that you don’t have to bake???

  5. Daphne Rodriguez


  6. Zaiqa Lahore Ka

    Versatility in vdo grt thumbs up Following.

  7. I made the Korean fried chicken and it was soo good

  8. Superpower089

    Is there and alternative to this if you can't bake them? :(((

  9. Hasina Begum

    i just say yummmmmmy

  10. مايلنىب فلرلتلب

    انا بحب اكلات جدا جدا

  11. AREKING Gertidian

    Why is my battery going down so fast . Omg when I was starting o write this it was 8 now it's freaking 6

  12. AREKING Gertidian

    Not again I'm gonna suffer until I starve to death even tho I just ate

  13. Damn now I'm hungry

  14. OM96ED OM27ED

    the background music actually is good 🤣?!

  15. You can make something similar to the parsley wings by substituting the parsley for garlic greens (Chinese groceries often have these) chopped up. We don't like sauces on our wings and one of us is allergic to wheat (as in flour) so we're always looking for alternatives. You can buy powdered soy sauce (who knew? Amazon did) and do an almost dry rub using dried ginger, dried soy sauce, dried garlic, sesame seeds, sprinkle some freshly chopped scallions or chives aft cooking. We also do a canned pineapple marinate (canned pineapple juice, brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame seed oil, salt, pepper (hot sauce or chopped chili pepper) mix all very well (or you could bring all to boil, cool, put in a Ziplock bag, marinate at least 2 hours or more. Broil, bake or grill; you can use chunks of pineapple (grilled or broiled for that charred look) as a side (roast bell peppers, roast cherry tomatoes, roast large chunked red onion or pearl onions so you kind of have a sweet & sour chicken wing dish that's actually healthy).

  16. Omfg did the annoying music get louder at one point or was it just me..

  17. Nicholas Tate

    You forgot the honey Sriracha wings and the Atomic Fireball wings which taste like the Atomic Fireball candies

  18. Andrew Bonafilia

    No… Never flour and then bake your wings. Thats gross. Go ahead and fry them for a bit and then bake them sure, but never flour them and toss them in an oven

  19. Chicken wings: life's greatest pleasure.

  20. Ramiar ilove you