Chicken Stuffed With Vegetables Recipe

a meal that can be done easily at home, visual feast and taste as wonderful
ingredients to make the best use of chicken stuffing
6 pieces of chicken leg
500 grams of mushrooms
6 – 7 pieces of green pepper
3 red peppers
3 small carrots
5 small onions
3 soft tomatoes, these tomato juice will be used
cumin, red paprika, thyme
salt and sugar
liquid sunflower oil and some soy sauce
black pepper
pepper paste
powdered demi glace meat sauce
wood chopping board
transparent nylon bag
Steel meat crushing tool and you will need a sharp knife
pans, pots, baking tray, other materials to be used in the grater
a small bowl and it will be used when filling the chickens
use a saucepan to prepare the sauce by boiling chicken bones
whisk and a bowl are useful for materials to be mixed
carrots and tomatoes to be used in the grater
A wide pan for cooking vegetables and also a glass baking tray to be used

you can start with vegetable chopping
first peel the onions and chop
vegetables should be chopped so as not to be too thin or thick, chop a little long shape
remove and chop the red peppers
cut the ends of the green pepper, clean and chop the seeds
Wash and chop the mushrooms
peel the carrots and grate
carrots can only be pressed down, grate in a single move, and obtain long and unshelled carrot grains
grate tomatoes
peel the garlics, crush the garlic with the knife then chop
chopping process of vegetables is completed
prepare the vegetables in a large pan to a less-prepared consistency
add some liquid sunflower oil and add chopped onions after warming
cook the onions for 2 minutes and add the red cap peppers
add chopped mushrooms, mix and cook for 5 minutes
Add green peppers and grated carrots

Add spices, thyme, salt and sugar, red pepper and cumin
A little soy sauce will enhance the flavor
black pepper, you should prefer to use the original pepper grains
Add crushed garlic
Add the grated tomatoes, tomato juice to prevent the vegetables from being too dry
you don’t need to cook a lot of vegetables, you have to calculate that you will cook in the oven for another 30 minutes

remove the bones of chickens
Chicken legs can use a little bigger, it will be easy for you
I’m using the little ones, I think the taste is more
cut off excess fat or chicken skin
remove the bone from the end
Not only by cutting with knife, use your fingers
remove 2 bones in the middle, an easy procedure for me,
6 pieces of chicken legs were prepared without bone
place the chicken leg in the transparent bag and expand it by hitting the steel
add some black pepper and salt to chickens
You can fill the chickens after the vegetables have cooled down a little

place the broadly opened chicken in the small bowl
Add the mixed vegetables into the chicken, close the edges,
Let the shape of the bowl press a little, the chicken will take a round shape
the chicken stuffings you prepare in this way will not be opened,
no need to sink toothpicks
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prepare a mixture to drive chicken stuffing
add some liquid oil, pepper paste and some soy sauce
you can prepare a very delicious sauce by boiling chicken bones
break the bones in the middle and wash
add the bones without water and stir, cook a little
add some oil and pepper paste
Add water, a little salt and sugar, then boil for 40 minutes
this dish may be suitable for rice pilaf

place the hens in the oven, cook at 170 degrees and cook for 30 minutes.
watching how chickens blushed with accelerated video
remove the bones in the water
add the filter, you can be sure that it is completely boneless
Add 1 spoon of glace meat sauce, 1 spoon of flour and mix with cold water
Add the mixture into the boiling chicken broth and mix,
you can be sure that it is a delicious sauce with nice consistency
looks a bit dark when I get the camera with the remote image and the food seems to be burnt
Don’t let this fool you, as you can see,
Add rice and yogurt
add chicken stuffing, you can divide the stuffing into two
add plenty of meat sauce
a little bit of thyme and the process is complete
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