Chicken Florentine. best chicken recipe ever classic Italian chicken recipes for dinner.

Chicken Florentine.  best chicken recipe ever classic Italian chicken recipes for dinner.

Chicken Florentine Italian style dinner recipe from Daddy Jack’s New London CT.
This delicious recipe is easy to prepare. Your family will love this easy food recipe the best chicken recipe ever. For more Italian recipes, soup recipes, chicken recipes and recipe ideas see our playlist. Be sure to check out our Italian cuisine section.To experience Jack’s recipes and cooking visit Daddy Jack’s, 181 Bank St. New London CT It’s Daddy Jack’s on Facebook.


  1. Jill Glespen

    Daddy Jack ~ LOVE your Videos & your Recipes ~ can't wait to try out this Chicken Florentine ~ it looks fantastic!!!!  Northern Jersey Girl relocated to Florida many years ago ~ but looking forward to grabbing my friends and coming to visit when I'm up north visiting 🙂  God Bless You and your Family!!!!

  2. todd germaine

    love the forgotcha bread comment

  3. Jack, this recipe came out really great! I also put in the basil leaves and the mushrooms. Thanks for sharing.

  4. pacificorient

    Greetings from Asia!  I served this to my family several days ago.  It was a hit!  I did add some sliced Swiss Brown mushrooms, plus some fresh Sweet basil leaves to the spinach.  

    I’m not sure it will work, but I’ll try to post a photo from my flickr account:

  5. Eileen LeValley


  6. shadowblue746

    Thanks Jack. Hi from Ireland I love your style of cooking.

  7. Clein Masinaring

    wow!!nice recipes…I love it! …hi!hello sir/madam,can I applied a work in your restaurant…m working now in Italian restaurant my mother station is Grill..I'll have Grilled fillet,Rib eye and grilled salmon in different doness Rare,Medium Rare,Medium,Medium Well and Well done,…..we  learn also to make pizza and Pasta..Thank you very much. Chef Clein Dubai..

  8. I love to watch him cook!

  9. need to see a good old fashioned gumbo! to see it!

  10. TheRealColtMaster

    Great stuff!

  11. Hey there Daddy Jack…. I am absolutely lovin the recipes you share. I subbed to your channel when looking for a good/easy chicken fried steak recipe. I enjoy cooking anything from the simple to the complex.. but for every day life it's good to pull out some chicken from the fridge and be able to cook up something quickly and yet it tastes and looks like you slaved at the stove all day. I love those cooking fake outs.. LoL. This was delish! I didn't attempt the spatula chicken flip, maybe next time. ;-)

  12. MikeTheBarber63

    This looks amazing!

  13. D. J. Tanner

    Thank you Jack and your people for making great cooking videos and teaching us so many different great recipes! God bless you all and I hope the new Daddy Jack's is a huge success in 2015 and beyond! 

  14. A real MASTERPIECE there Jack! Id do anything to travel 1500 miles from way down here in New Orleans to TRY IT! :D

  15. Lisa Johnson


  16. Tess Cooks 4u

    Daddy Jack, Well done recipe and well said! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)

  17. Just curious what brand skillets you use. I'm cooking with all-clad but I'd be interested to try one of those. Thanks!

  18. Looks delish. Nice new place! Good luck and God Bless….

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