Chicken Curry – Easy Chicken Curry Recipe – How to Make Curry

Chicken Curry - Easy Chicken Curry Recipe - How to Make Curry

Here’s a delicious and easy chicken curry recipe that’s made with classic Indian spices such as: turmeric, red chili, and coriander powder.

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  1. Ismail Azeem

    Turned out perfect! Lol and I am usually so bad at cooking. This was soooo easy BTW I figured you forgot but the ginger goes in the blender with the garlic and onions. My kids loved the dish thank you.

  2. Nesha Usmani

    if you cut the onions and garlic fine enough, do you need to use a blender?

  3. Why do you need to use so much oil? Does it make the curry taste better? Will the final product have an oil flavor or feel greasy in your mouth? Is this the way that people in India would make chicken curry? Not being critical just curious.

  4. I failed 😑😑


    YAY!!!!..An American that actually pronounced "Coriander Powder" correctly…not "CILANTRO Powder"…just please get round now to calling the HERB.(.NOT "URB") CORIANDER correctly. As for your pronunciation of WATER as "WODDER"…Hmmm

  6. Jaida-Leigh Gordon

    That's ALOT of oil.

  7. Crynstone OPTIMUS

    nice i like the way it turned out :D

  8. Jeana De Los Santos

    Wow i like 

  9. without garam masala that was a fish curry .


    Looks so good and easy. Will try your recipe with coconut oil. Thanks for sharing. 

  11. I like your video
    I think a lot of oil you added I am tryin to lose wight and still eating healthy
    I will apply this recipe with little of olive oil 

  12. Santhosh Verma

    When you cook it for 35-40 minutes, I assume you reduce the heat to low? Also, do you cook it covered during this time, or uncovered?

  13. Michael Clottey

    I've noticed you don't use Cumin or Garam Massala or Paprika in your currys Why Not.? 

  14. its so oily, my chicken curry is  much much better than this….. 

  15. keneálissan Rios

    Thank you 🙂 i am going to make this recipe this weekend for my family! Thank you thank you thank you!

  16. Ben Johnston

    what about the ginger? I'm now standing here looking at my piece of ginger wondering what to do with it…

  17. oh no…………………….. quantity of oil used…………..

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