Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe

Steve Cooks chicken cordon bleu with a Creamy Parsley Sauce
Visit for all the ingredients
Music Composed & Performed by Steven Dolby
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  2. Fida Rasheed

    Great recipe, very nicely executed. I couldn't believe I cooked it! Thanks Steve, love your channel 

  3. pen mightygun

    that wont feed a 6 foot 5 inch 270 pound american male. that would just be teasing him and pissing him off.  two teaspons of peas and a cum shot of gravy ?  no wonder we carry guns.

  4. Blew my mind

  5. Ravindra Komaravalli

    nice recipe chef

  6. Wow looks elegantly delicious!  I will try this one of these days and let you know. 
    Will keep you posted. We don't eat ham (or beef) so need to think of something else, any suggestions?

    Also could you please make an easy version of Schnitzel, I mean your version.

    Have you made burrito as yet?  If not could you please make chicken burrito! Please!

    It would help to an international audience if you also suggest substitutes as you cook. Few ingredients are not always available everywhere.
    Thx in advance :)

  7. Great production values and you make it look so easy. When I made this, I used country ham, cut back on the salt a wee bit, and used gruyere–because that is what I had in the house. I also like to use whole wheat flour for the breading and my own whole wheat/rye sourdough bread for the crumbs. It was fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. this is try hard food. 

  9. How do you do the roll?

  10. What do you mean by "repeat one more time?"

  11. Alansan Julio Sutanto

    Is it possible if I make it a deep-fried Chicken Cordon Bleu? If it's possible, then how do I make a good one and does it make any change on the ingredients? Thank you

  12. How did you remove the plastic wrap after 30 minutes?

  13. My only question is… How do you go about removing all the cling film? :/

  14. I tried this yesterday night. I couldn't accomplish the perfect square but the dish itself was perfect, it was my first time making it, the ham really gave the chicken a nice flavor. 

  15. Kathlyn Rivera

    It looks awesome and yummy…
    ingredients pls….

  16. Rebecca Flores

    The recipe is far too hard for a beginner like me. Please don't use words like "simple" and "really easy" when the recipe is not. This was an unmitigated disaster for me because I simply don't have skill and expertise or dexterity when it comes to food preparation. I am now feeling like I hate cooking again in that I can't even do an "easy" recipe.

  17. Shawn Donovan

    Great video, very nice presentation. I'm making chicken marsala tonight but hope to make your chicken cordon bleu soon.

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