Chicken Asado

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Chicken Asado is a Filipino chicken recipe wherein chicken is pan-fried and cooked in a tomato based sauce along with soy sauce and lemon juice. This is different from our Pork Asado recipe ( The latter is more of a sweet oriental type of pork dish, but both taste good.

Chicken Asado is said to originate from Central Luzon, in Pampanga – which is also considered as the culinary capital of the Philippines. This chicken asado recipe video will guide you on how to cook chicken asado the easiest possible way

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  1. Kim Bee Alit

    Salamat po dito… :)

  2. Technowrench

    i love it thanks why they are complaining? i can't understand

  3. alicia marshall

    I'll cook this for my husband. Surely he gonna like it! :)

  4. Carmina Fernandez

    Hi! Maybe try using tripod para di ka mahirapan pag nagmi-mix ka ng ingredients 🙂 

  5. Toto Boggz Perez

    kung may problema ka sa way ng pagluluto ng chef…bakit hindi ka gumawa ng sarili mong upload at duon mo gawin ang gusto mo? kung mali sa palagay mo ang nakikita mo, ei di wag ka manood… #robertomkat  

  6. Judgment Day

    Why don't you use a big bowl…i would put in the potatoes earlier to make sure they have a nice tender texture! and ready to eat…You had little sauce left when you added the potatoes, i'm afraid the potatoes won't cook well…How about frying the potatoes instead, then just add at the end. When we make Chicken Apritada, we fry the potatoes to make sure they're well done….just a thought. I hate it when my potatoes are not well done! 

  7. Ciani Portugal

    More recipes pls… :-)

  8. Ciani Portugal

    More recipes pls… :-)

  9. tanung ku lng kung anung lasa nitoh di ko pa kse alm yung lasa yung gnwa ko sya maasm ee

  10. Fry the potatoes first in the oil you used to fry the chicken, before putting the potatoes in the sauce mixture. That way the potatoes come out softer, tastier.

  11. Remmon Gumasing

    Iuuqujuju yh. C. .

  12. Eddy van Someren Brand

    What language does the man talk ? Some words I understand  are in English.
    Sorry for this. Regards from The Netherlands . Nice cooking.

  13. mariane ejercitoMiss

    de best channel .i love de way u cook…bravo

  14. princess jackson

    The best filipino cooking channel 😉 it really help me so much.. Thank you for your time sharing your recipes

  15. Karin Neumann

    Hikuya….tanong lang po bat d ko po maaccess ang website nyo? Thanks po…

  16. im gonna make this

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