Chichen Stroganoff Brazilian Style – Strogonoff de Frango Brasileiro

Chichen Stroganoff Brazilian Style - Strogonoff de Frango Brasileiro

By my nephew’s request today I made an amazing chicken stroganoff and decided to share this old family recipe with you. I hope you enjoy this Brazilian style chicken stroganoff, most Brazilians like to add mushrooms to the recipe and so do I, but most of my family do not like mushrooms so feel free to add some. Hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching, and subscribe for future videos.

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  1. Chile Gunner

    Where is the recipe???

  2. Felipe Cunha

    boa, sΓ³ faltou alho, palmito e um pouco de mostarda

  3. Baby Guga.

  4. Is the table cream like Britain's clotted cream? I have not seen it before. It's winter here in Canada, watching your videos makes me feel warm and fuzzy, without needing the heater on my feet.

  5. Veteran Lifestyles

    I love this recipe and we'll try it for myself one day but I truly wish you would have used actual tomatoes to make your dish. However for the purpose of making this video and being on a budget I am almost certain that this was good enough and it tasted amazing

  6. If you mexican doesn’t it look like Pollo a la crema

  7. Darth Rylocke

    Made this for dinner tonight for my family and it was a huge hit. Very rich and tender.

  8. Vernon Daniels

    I prefer to put Durkee French fries onions instead…

  9. That was amazing Guga. Can't wait to try that recipe, never had chicken stroganoff but you made it look awesome. As a funny, been watching your recent shows. Seeing Angel transformed in 3 years…he is not the young man in this video anymore, I had to take a second look….OH, that's Angel! I hope he is paying attention to your skills. I loved seeing the family setting, should do some more of those once in awhile. What would the next birthday be?

  10. Lorenzo Baez

    He said he turned 21 but the candles on his cake say 18.

  11. Sergio Martinez

    So les do ehh.

  12. Agustin Bernardo

    Espectacular la ΓΊltima parte Guga

  13. I like cichen.

  14. Sabor Γ  Prova

    Guga,..acho que vc esqueceu do champion e o alho !!


  15. Joseph Hines

    This is the food of love

  16. Jean Caillat

    the real Brazilian style adds ketchup, mustard and les tomato sauce, so you'll have an onrage kinda color and it tastes a lot better!!!

  17. Famous Supermarket…ive never heard of lol.

  18. just saw the other video of this and in this one you added the whole can but later u said don't… which one is best?

  19. Ricardo Juca

    Essa cara Γ© demais

  20. Harlley Farias

    Eu faco na manteiga