Chex Mix Surprise – Easy Dessert Recipes

Chex Mix Surprise - Easy Dessert Recipes

See how to make this easy dessert recipe. Chex mix is good on its own but even better with chocolate and peanut butter. See more at

Thanks to Diego Delacruz for the intro!

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  1. Lilly Walling

    What can I substitute for corn syrup?

  2. Between The Eats

    Adorable! Looks yummy ; ) Terri

  3. Annalise Pelous

    what a cool idea! love your recipes!!

  4. That Modern Mombie

    Get out.

    Get out now.

    I love chex mix! 🙂 I'll have to make these during the holidays!

  5. Francesca Fashion and Food

    Absolutely delicious, a perfect combination!

  6. Slender Puff


  7. Slender Puff

    Next can you make caramel turkeys caramel apple,chocolate head and wings and tail.

  8. AllasYummyFood

    yummy love your chefs surprise 😀 heheh

  9. Diego De La Cruz

    eyyyy that was me :))))))

  10. SherrysVloggin

    My mouth was watering 😄
    I said to David my brain is making me smell the vanilla then I remember I just peeled off a vanilla toffee that stuck on Cerys's jacket & the smell is on my hands 😂😂😂😂
    Thank you for the delicious recipe & for making me hungry again 😊

  11. TheTravelingClatt

    Man this is making me miss and crave chex mix. I cant wait to get back to the US and have some!

  12. Planetcraft - PvP and more!

    Make a 🦄 cake lol

  13. Vincenzos Plate

    They look like yummy treats James. I want one now.
    I made some of your funny poo emoji for Halloween and the kids loved it. Kids were super excited when they saw them 😁💩

  14. Salty and sweet my favorite flavor combination! Nicely done James!

  15. Tom Cote (Food Snot Food Reviews)

    looks easy enough and yummy..

  16. Great looking treats and easy to make. What's not to like?

  17. this was a great idea 🙂 they look so tasty :)

  18. Holy cow!!! I'm in a no sugar diet and this is killing me! Great video!

  19. Edge of Awesome

    Mmm, peanut butter… 🙂 Looks great, James!

  20. UGH!!! i'm still dieting and i soooooo wish i wasn't DX

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