Chef’s favorite char siu pork recipe 主廚最愛的叉燒豬骨麵(紮蹄膀湯麵)

Chef’s favorite char siu pork recipe 主廚最愛的叉燒豬骨麵(紮蹄膀湯麵)

Nutritious pork bone broth noodles topped with melt-in-your-mouth char siu slices (Chinese barbecue pork). The pork bone broth was simmered for 6 hours, and we used pig knuckle instead of pork belly for the char siu.
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  1. So the meat is cold?

  2. When you eat the cold meat

  3. dragondescendant1

    This is northern Chinese way making char siu, not the southern Chinese way.

  4. 炒香料为什么要加料酒,这么大火香料不会炒苦吗

  5. Seems to be more similar to Japanese cha shu with tonkotsu broth, as it has no comparison with traditional Cantonese roasted char siu…still looks good though

  6. Dude….

  7. Fabricio Pucheta

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  8. Charmaine Van Niekerk

    Cool meat in fridge for 3 hours?? But you can't put hot or warm meat in the fridge it will make you ill.

  9. Lot of meat…Should serve at least 6-7 people. Nice video👍

  10. florence arul

    How to make Baku teh

  11. ইত্যাদি টিভি Ettadi Tv

    thats called Shef

  12. Is there a way for you guys to show us what wok you guys prefer. Because I keep looking online and it says most prefer carbon steel wok but you guys seem to be using non-stick or preseasoned wok? I would really like to use what you guys are using to cook these foods!!

  13. It is not the cooking and frying that makes this video nice to watch. The end result, presenting that food on a dish is what really matters about food and eating.

  14. The Japanese style "ramen" is invented by Chinese living in Japan. It was called "Chinese noodle" in Japan.

  15. Reminds me of Japanese tonkotsu ramen.

  16. Alexandre Martins

    Problem is that in the end all tastes like five spice powder and soy sauce. It's very good a few times, and then it becomes very boring.

  17. George Manousakis

    I bet if I try the breaking bone with back of knife bit I would hurt my self…

  18. Cooking is like art. Fascinating!!!

  19. Many thanks.
    A question though – was that 0.5tsp ? It really looks like 3-4 at least.