Cheesy Garlic Dinner Rolls Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 744

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  1. Jackie Copeland

    Those look really good. I have to make them. U do everything so good.

  2. I wanna make this dinner roll so badly, but I couldn't find Rapid Raise Yeast in Australia anywhere, can I use dry yeast or instant yeast to substitute?

  3. ‫فهد المطيري‬‎

    Thanks how much flor and other 

  4. Rainbow Rose

    really wanna try them in half but how many egg do i use? please reply as fast as possible.

  5. I would really like to make these although I don't like to waste food by guessing. Would you please post the measurements of the ingredients?

  6. How is it that italians have really good figures if they are eating like this gooooood. The only explaination is that they eat, I Get fat instead of them

  7. Taneal Newman

    Would you be able to mix the garlic & cheese into the dough, or would that kill the yeast?

  8. OMG I HAVE to try this recipe out! And lucky for me, I have ALL the ingredients on hand :)

  9. Hilda Gorani

    Wow in this video Laura looks so beautiful!! Dunno something different on her face

  10. Daven de guzman


  11. your recipe stated 1cup of milk,may i know is 250ml?because my dough was not become 1 lump.

  12. Tracee LeviNE

    You have the best cook that i want to come on your show with you because you have good food on your show

  13. missismiracle

    Here's my experience:
    I watched the recipe last night twice or three, then, I went to the website and took the ingredients' list & measurements and re-wrote my own instructions/steps list based on the recipe.
    Today, I bought all the above ingredients and started the cooking around late afternoon. I followed every step of Laura which I re-wrote on a paper which I glued in the kitchen.
    My rolls turned almost exactly as those of Laura.
    Contrary to other users who had problems with yeast, I used the one mentioned by Laura and when the milk & butter reached the temperature indicated by Laura, I added the yeast with its sugar and allowed for bubbling.
    I must say there's a difference between following someone's instructions exactly as prescribed and following someone's instructions while adjusting. Here, the risk is if we're a newbie, our instincts or perceptions may not work. First, we must learn from a good teacher or knowledgeable person, then, replicate and later we can get creative and add our own contributions.
    So: Follow instructions properly and exactly as spelt by Laura!

  14. Salt could kill yeast also :D

  15. Edwin De la Cruz

    how many is 1/3 c of butter in grams???

  16. Shaguna Dhall

    Thank you for such a tempting recipe, i'm dying to make these.
    Can I use Dry yeast for the purpose. If yes, how much and what would be the difference in the process.

  17. i have made this one..its good but the bread is too sweet for me if u use sugar that much..

  18. What is the best way to package/store these & for how long does it last? 

  19. All that work, and they look a little burnt. Then again, I like buns, muffins, pizza cheese…lightly cooked.

  20. +Laura in the Kitchen Is it possible to mix the dough without an electric mixer and a hook?

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