Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

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  1. Tasty: professional chef status
    Also tasty: Pulls out a freaking prepared box chocolate cake mix

  2. Jasmine the golden leaf

    i saw this a few months ago but im watching it again. I love these recipes! but I absoluteley LOVE the music!!! Can someone tell me the name of the song please? also, nice dishes tasty!😃😃😃😉

  3. I ain't no making 100 crepes, Tasty u crazy!

  4. Dimagrimento Dietiziano

    I hope you have a wonderful year and I hope you have a wonderful day

  5. Pinkiemachine Animations

    and here I thought it would be desserts that were actually hard, like baked Alaska.

  6. they saved the best till last. that cake looked amazing.

  7. Moj Glupi Kanal

    24 eggs?!?!?

  8. Blue flame83699

    Repeat 99 times 😟
    Screw it I am making cookies

  9. Raptorkitty Aj

    Is it just me or is the second one a huge waist of money, food, and time??????

  10. Do you want me to spend my whole salary and one year to make that 2nd dish 😁😁😁

  11. The song name

  12. Violet Flower

    the comment section is so toxic ugh

  13. Gay JasperTM

    Does anyone know the music?

  14. Rachel Guyette

    I wanna see the behind tasty video for the second on lol

  15. Boi that crepe cake-

  16. iiFaded Snow

    3:58 (I think his name is Alvin) Alvin's reaction in the back 😂

  17. ilian martell

    Well the second one was just to elaborate for what is worth…

  18. The pancake cake doesn't look very tasty for all that hard work…

  19. Oofinator 3000

    Respect for the person who makes the second recipe!

  20. Oofinator 3000

    The first recipe: 1 pound of cream cheese?!
    The second recipe: 12 cups of flour, and 14 cups of milk?!?!