Butter Chicken Recipe | Jamie & Maunika

Jamie introduces the wonderful Maunika Gowardhan to the Food Tube family with a bang, as she teaches him how to master the most delicious and tender Indian butter chicken recipe. Recreate the tandoor feel right in your own home. This’ll certainly make you think twice before getting take out…

It’s not often you see Jamie being taught recipes on Food Tube, but this perfect method blew his socks off, it really is a must!

Recipe here: http://goo.gl/XOh58S

You can find this recipe and others on Maunika’s brilliant blog: http://goo.gl/ARSLSp

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  1. Ruben Potter

    Did he just say it "smells outrageous" :/

  2. SuperIbrahim101

    Im fasting and watching this

  3. Looks yummy

  4. Yaaaaaass this meal was amazing!
    I didn't even add the chili powder to the sauce at the end and it was fuckin great. MMMmmmMmm

  5. Zainab Arain

    i want to come on foodtube!!!!!

    – via YTPak(.com)

  6. BE CAREFUL WITH HOW MUCH CREAM YOU PUT!!!!! I cooked the recipe so perfectly, but I added too much cream and it diluted the depth of flavour 🙁 🙁 So i'm cooking it again tonight to redeem myself. Add a bit of cream and then taste it. If you think it needs more cream, then add a bit more and taste again to ensure u don't make the same mistake I did…

    You can always stirfry the chicken instead… And then cook the rest of the gravy in the same pot. And also, if it's hard for u to get a hold of saffron or the fenugreek, just leave it out. Still tastes so good without it :)))

  7. EshaPatel EshaPatel

    My mom made this ever since I was 6 an other Punjabi foods she know how to make lots of Indian food this is kinda like this recipe but u like u know every single recipe

  8. I wonder why I find it so soothing to watch cooking channels on YT, especially Jamie, River Cottage, VahChef and Food Wishes.

  9. Football Pundit

    fucking indians and their delicious foods, i'm in love with spices

  10. Cake Princess

    I love Jamie!!! so much character!

  11. This is my favorite collaboration and dish. You are also right; this is why i watch these videos. She is absolutely beautiful too! 

  12. Tereza Sayeg

    I cooked today and it was absolutely brilliant! Kudos from Brazil.

  13. Maestro Wenarto

    too quick, what is the outer covering of the cinnamon, i had to watch few times and still don't get it.

  14. This recipe is awesome, would love to see some more recipes simliar to this. How about a biryani?

  15. Parsi Cuisine

    Looks delicious and am sure it is!

  16. God Bless America

    I love Indian food. And Indian women. Yum.

  17. John Clarkson

    I'm in Thailand now!  Poo really is doing the authentic recipe.  I fekin love POO!!!!
    Poo rocks!!!!  Her other videos are amazing too!
    Who cares how good her English is….she's a great cook and teacher with great hints and tips!
    Oh… in reference to her finger being double jointed… most Thai girls have this talent because of Thia dancing.. when they were younger.
    Go poo!!!

  18. John Clarkson

    Excellent, authentic, clear and concise cooking recipe!  Great stuff!

  19. Eilish Murray-Bremner

    How much does this recipe feed?

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