Burger Restaurant In Brazil Uses Spinning Grill

Brazilian restaurant Vinil Burger uses a spinning grill to evenly cook its patties, avoid over-smoking the meat, and toast its buns.

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Burger Restaurant In Brazil Uses Spinning Grill
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  1. Exterminatus Button

    DID I JUST SEE THE KRABBY PATTY BEING MADE WHILE HEARING THAT MAJESTIC VOICE IN THE BACKGROUND 0:28 well then oh shit Plankton now knows how to assemble a Krabby Patty.

  2. Looks mouth watering

  3. Y’all just reuploaded this 3 times chill out

  4. One word

  5. I'M THE *BOSS*

    That looks like i have not seen the world

  6. Uses a spinning grill…so what? Like seriously…

  7. Vijaya Foods

    this restaurant in Brazil is awesome

  8. mcgangforlife

    0:25 preparing the krabby patty!

  9. Elías E. B.

    Bolsonaro and this. Two reasons to say that Brazil is going Well!

  10. Great concept. Now maybe we can start making better burgers in America as well

  11. Dude I just saw an Amazon ad with Harrison Ford in it. I never thought I'd like an ad before today.🤣

  12. That aint no mcdonalds burger!

  13. I'm just a gigolo, and everywhere I go….

  14. Gaming King one

    Reupload was uploaded 5 days ago and deleted

  15. Lee Loves Food

    now I can have all the patties to myself hahahahaha

  16. Baking Cooking Easy

    Very nice video Great job

  17. Did you repost this?

  18. Lover of All Things Good

    Looks delicious …everyone loves a good burger these look amazing …I need to go back to Brazil it’s been about 3 years very warm and kind people

  19. Nicholas Taylor

    Jennys in San Francisco has been using one of these for 40 years

  20. Megan Gazzingan

    Didn’t you post this