Buddha’s Delight – Braised Vegetables Deluxe – My Top 10 Chinese Dishes 罗汉斋菜

Buddha’s delight aka “lo han jai” is a vegetarian dish popular among the Buddhists but just about every one loves it. It’s full of enticing flavors and textures. Traditionally, it is served on the first day of Chinese New Year celebrations in nearly every household. It is also one of the main items on the menu of most Chinese restaurants.

Basic ingredients:
Mung bean noodles
Dry lilies
Black fungus
Dry shiitake mushrooms
Black moss (this is for good luck, prosperity)
2 tbsp vegetable oil

Optional ingredients:
Mustard greens
Napa cabbage
Baby corns
Fried tofu
Bamboo shoot
Straw mushrooms
Snap peas

Flavoring and sauce ingredients:
Ginger—to provide an aromatic
Red fermented bean curd
Light soy sauce
Vegetarian oyster sauce
Sesame oil
Water chestnut powder (my secret ingredient – you can substitute it with corn starch)

Music: Youtube audio library – Ibiza Dream and Valley Drive

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