Bread rolls or dinner rolls (Roll-ppang: 롤빵) English Caption: 영어자막
Let’s learn how to make soft tender fluffy dinner rolls! These bread rolls are really popular in Korea, and are my family’s favorites. You don’t need a mixer or any special tools or ingredients to make them, just a few things in your pantry, your own 2 hands and an oven!


  1. hello I watch in Thailand. I very like your video. thank you

  2. Looks good thanks for sharing your recipe !

  3. Can i use Margarine and normal milk? I don't have butter and whole milk but i really want to make this!!!

  4. Nappy Bunny (ItsTheNappyBunny)

    I just made this today! Unfortunately, they are so good, they didn't last very long :'( 감사합니다!

  5. phoenixsong38

    i like the mini me that popped up at 9:59 :)

  6. Hello, Maangchi! I have a question about the recipe! I would like to make these rolls for my friends at work, but one of my coworkers is very allergic to dairy products. Would I be able to substitute a dairy-free butter and milk alternative in this recipe?

  7. always minecraft

    Wait Maangchi the other recipe about scissor hands is jjippang-mandu Remember Maangchi

  8. loveyaback123

    I love this recipe and the strawberry jam recipe, Maangchi! A couple months ago, I made bread rolls and strawberry jam, using your recipe 😀 I'm 12 and I've been watching your videos for about a year now, and I love your recipes! :D

  9. Thankyou for shering, very tasty!

  10. I love all your post

  11. iz greatly dat dish & I lyk it

  12. shirley arizaga

    If you don't want to wait that long you can mix it in a bowl than get a larger bowl with hot water  to set the bowl on this will make it rise faster

  13. Daniela Lamarão

    Love your recipe. I will gona try this weekend for my kids. Thanks

  14. Frank A. Hernandez

    These bread rolls are the best I have ever had! I've made them more than a dozen times and came back just to thank you for such an awesome recipe. My family LOVES them & my daughters (15 yrs) actually get upset if I don't make Roll Ppang for a couple of days. I quadruple the recipe just to make them last a couple of days but they never last more than two days. Again, I thank you for sharing yoru talent (& cuteness!) with the rest of the world!

  15. Hi.I love ur food and ur eyes make up.Pls share it too.

  16. I made the very first time. It came out perfect.. I love your recipe..Oh where are u located?

  17. Grandmaster Dinner Roll

    MY PEOPLE!!!

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