Melissa’s friends from Brazil came to visit .. they cooked us a traditional Brazilian meal and… it was divine! Almost like wraps… but made with tapioca flour – gluten free – bonus !

Also … a fantastic time was had at Meerlust wine estate – delicious wines! Amazing Chardonnay. Great place, friendly people.



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  1. Oscar Fenner

    I love bolt, I have a whippet and a lurcher that are very similar to him! 😀

  2. Libby Withnall

    So great to see another vlog. That wasn't an Australian cattle dog – very different face, ears floppy and taller looking- might be a cross breed. I've taken chickens to the vets before :-).

  3. jordan gosling

    i love your videos i do the same as you 😉

  4. Triassic Iceman

    Are there dinosaur things like me in Brazil??

  5. Alistair Gray

    good to have the vlogs back, glad you are feeling better jess 💪💪

  6. bringonthescience

    So glad to see you're feeling better and vlogging for us all again!!

  7. Guido Cremie

    I bought some audacia wines last week, not easy to get here in Belgium, got them through an importer in Germany.
    Having a tasting this coming weekend 😀

  8. Welcome back! We've missed you. Love the music on this one🎶

  9. Your family always makes such delicious looking food!

  10. It's great to have you back on the daily vlogs!
    Your music choices are soooo good. Any chance you'll share some of your sources…?

  11. Nico Myburgh

    actually meerlust is been around since 1693 it's the Myburgh family farm. my family farm

  12. I'm Brazilian and I watch all your videos 🙂

  13. Books AtCoffeeTime

    Welcome back!

  14. That food looked so amazing!!!

  15. I wasn't expecting another vlog today, but it sure was a nice surprise after the absence because of the flu. (^_^)
    When I was younger and still living in Cape Town, we had friends from Iran who used to cook Iranian food for us every now and then. It was very different to what we were used to, but I did enjoy it. Eventually they went back to Iran.

    I am glad you were able to enjoy your friends' food and that they thought to cater for the vegetarians too.
    As you know, I always enjoy your vlogs, Jess.
    Warm hugs and love.
    Liz. xoxo

  16. Really good vlog I randomly stumbled across – fantastic music choice. Subbed!