Brazilian Steakhouse – HUGE BEEF RIBS + 14 MEATS CHURRASCARIA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – First time eating Brazilian steakhouse bbq churrascaria! #Brazil #RioDeJaneiro #BrazilianSteakhouse

One of the most famous Brazilian foods around the world, is a Brazilian steakhouse bbq, and you’ll find Brazilian steakhouses all over the world. But to be honest I had never been to any outside of Brazil – and there was no better place to have my first Brazilian meat churrascaria experience than in Brazil.

Churrascaria Palace (Map: – We chose to go to Churrascaria Palace, a meat restaurant located in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I could smell the aroma of the roasting meats, and it was a great upscale, yet laid back atmosphere, with live music.

Chef Silva took care of us from the moment we stepped in and first showed us the kitchen where the meats were being roasted. It’s very interesting to learn about the different cuts of meat that they use in Brazil, which are unique to Brazil. One of the unique and beloved types of meat is cupim, which comes from the beef hump from Zebu cattle.

Once Chef Silva started bringing us meats, he did not joke around – the Brazilian steakhouse bbq meats started flowing non stop. A Brazilian steakhouse bbq is typically served Rodízio, meaning it’s all you can eat, but the meat is not served buffet style, but rather it’s served to you at your plate. They slice it in front of you, and then you use your tongs to grab the meat as its sliced in front of you.

Chef Silva served us 14 types of meat, including some Amazon river fish. He told us he only served us the premium cuts, and there were many other less premium cuts that we were too full to even try.

Brazilian food is often heavy on the meat, and there’s no better way to experience Brazilian meat than with a churrascaria!

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