Did you know Brazilians like meat? We went to Preto Churrascaria in central London and ate some top quality picanha, alcatra and many other cuts. Amazing and all you can eat!

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  1. Mclovin Brazilbeatylover

    Stop eating!!!!! It is just not Your thing!!!!

  2. mano, tu não mora mais no Brasil não?

  3. Pedru Gabreu

    Are you not more in Brazil?

  4. Fabian Checo

    i still never been to london nor brazil but im curious to know how you liked brazil mate.

  5. Michael Nguyen

    Edinburgh looked really pretty at night in the 30 seconds or so at the end. Please do a night time walk about video if you can!

  6. oi eu amo a lingua ingresa se escreve ni meu canal

  7. shaun when do you tell us the winner on the giveaway

  8. Leonardo Bauer

    Shaun, are you a fan of any of the Premier League teams?

  9. Stuart Bailey

    Brazilian food is amazing!!! Their BBQs are the best in the world!!! 😋
    I'll have to try that Preto 😁

  10. You should hit up Dundee if you haven't already, I vlog here all the time and it's honestly an amazing place to vlog!

  11. Mike Saunders

    The Preto restaurant looked amazing! I've been to Bem Brasil in Manchester, it's fantastic, You should give it a go Shaun!

  12. Gaurang Naik

    hey shaun when is the giveaway result coming?

  13. Shaun Blackman Vlogs

    It's so bad trains to and from London there is never anywhere to sit and it costs so much more , and trains that doesn't go to London down my way are empty with 12 coaches , work that one out.
    Casa Brazil 🇧🇷 🙌

  14. Cool

  15. And now I'm hungry 😢, Virgin trains tsk tsk, you just can't get the staff these days.

  16. Anugrah Fajar

    who's the winner of the go pro hero 4 session

  17. Jarl of Swot

    I have got to stop watching your vids when I'm hungry….

  18. Ricardo Junqueira

    Great episode, Shaun! I wish I could visit London and Edinburgh with you and Teka some day.

  19. Agree with you on the trains, lost count of the number of times those trains are overcrowded and they are not cheap! My daughters live near sheffield and got quoted 120 pounds return to go for weekend to Edinburgh, as a result they are now going to Geneva for weekend, 59 pounds return from Manchester for weekend. Glad you had a good weekend

  20. Mr David Howell

    Saw your comments on Twitter about this. Absolutely pathetic that they overfilled the train. Why trains are more expensive is beyond me. ScotRail was just fine an immense amount. Maybe Virgin should have the same happen to them. Might make them wake up.