Brazilian food from the perspectives of Americans who lived in Brazil for 1-2 years. Talking about how amazing Brazilian food is! Talking about exotic, “crazy” Brazilian foods, common foods, staple, traditional foods, etc. Comparing food in Brazil to food in the United States. Enjoy!


  1. Alberto Francisco do Carmo

    i've been watching many videos of American missionaries who have gone to a single place or region in Brazil talk about their experiences,OK. Only one thing is often forgotten: Brazil is REALLY HUGE. So one cannot say that this is (in the case,Brazilian food) because dependeing on the region, food is completely different, although the classic duo "rice and beans" is a standard, but even so, there are differences. In Rio, for instance people in the majority of cases use ONLY BLACK BEANS. However people from other regions prefer brown beans, came from varieties whose result is a cooked brown beans ,sauted in garlic salt and then boiling water. In the Northeast green beans (feijão de corda) is deeply appreciated ,but it's not my case, a guy from Southeast Brazil. The state of Bahia has a very African touch. And the famous stew "feijoada" (a stew with black beans,sausages,. and not very noble parts of pig) is good, but it's not an everyday dish.My state Minas Gerais has a very peculiar cooking,as we3ll as very typical sweets.On the other hand São Paulo state is a melting pot and that includes cooking, and a very "couscous" type the "cuscus paulista" which on the contrary of its Moroccan kind, is made with a special cornflour.Also a dish for special occasions.In a recent past Brazilians started to eat much more vegetables than in the past.In other words, Brazilian everydaay cooklng is not very rich. Contemporary housewives have not the same habilities of their mothers or…maidservants.Well the above mentioned dixh "buchada" is a yucky mess even for us Brazilians outside our Northeast.Take a look at the cuscus paulista.I love it.Once in a while…
    By the way. Piranha is a delicious fish.I ate it once and never forgot. Meat is milky white. Secret.Must be toasted in a barbecue,without NOTHING. Then the toasted skin is removed and pieces of it's meat are pooured with a good sauce.Also the piranha head broth is very good.Has the fame of being aphrodisiac. South…Well it' Germany,Italy and slavic influences.I'll tell you :: don't invite them to have a buchada or sarapatel. Same apllies to me.

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  3. Gabriel Nobre

    You can go to Japanese rests in Brazil…its a lie about dog meat. But you spoke about the most common food…theres a lot of good things that you cant even imagine…Here in Ceará (Fortaleza) you can try the most delicius sea food in your life, but theres regional food too (like green beans with cream, feijão tropeiro, etc)….im dead serious…

  4. That third guy….you can tell by his shinning eyes and smile….what brazilian food is all about…

  5. Celio Cardoso

    I love brazilian food, but we have much more than Rice and beans. You should try moqueca capixaba, moqueca baiana, the food from Minas Gerais, Pará, Pernambuco that isso absolutely wonderfull. Ower food is really very various, rich and taste!!! Try and be happy! 😀

  6. the thing about the meat in Japanese restaurants being dog meat is a complete lie.

  7. matheus manso

    lol eggs its not for poor people only…everyone eats eggs around here in brazil

  8. Leandro Atreides

    It looks like most of them do love "feijoada," and, yes, beans and rice are indeed our staple food. And when it comes to salad the most simple one is: lettuce + onions + tomatoes. And we do season it just with vinegar, salt and olive oil. And when it comes to our "churrasco" it's just plain salt, nothing else. We don't want to "steal" the meat's flavor by adding way too much spicies. And BTW my salad has raw carrtos, cabbages, beads etc… but I DO just season them with appel vinegar, salt and olive oil.

  9. Flávio H. Lima

    I love this boy. He was my companion in São Paulo East mission. Ahh and I love feijoada.

  10. Coloca uma legenda porque eu não entendo nada :/

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