Brazilian Food you made us eat in Rio De Janeiro! 😋🇧🇷

We tried the Brazilian Food moqueca de camarao in Rio De Janeiro, plus we visit real local restaurants in Rio and eat Brazilian foods like a local.

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  1. Coffee and honey!

  2. Looks delicious:)

  3. Pedro Arcanjo

    Come to Aracaju, Sergipe! It’s in the brazilian smallest state and it’s situated in northeast, I think y’all gonna like the food and the beauty beaches and nature ツ (am actually from São Paulo but i live here because it’s one of the best quality of life cities in Brazil)

  4. Pedro Arcanjo

    Yo açaí don’t taste like dirt >:(

  5. Rafael Farinaccio

    Cariocas são odiosos.

  6. Most of the colombian coffee is actually brazilian coffe grains they buy, put a colombian stemp and sell it as colombian coffee

  7. Rodrigo Ribeiro

    ela sempre sorridente uma fofa,

  8. Here in Espirito Santo, we say that The real moqueca is Moqueca Capixaba.
    Oh, and the pot where the moqueca is prepared is hand made here in Espirito Santo, made from clay.

  9. guilherme Ribeiro

    Hi i am Brazilian in Brazil we have a few things that you do not have type the samba, funk etc Ah and VCs think that only has the Rio de Janeiro and everywhere has beach and you also know the Amazon? Sure that yes and that was the translation of Brazil

  10. It's so funny cause I can understand English and Portuguese so I was understanding everything

  11. you must try THE REAL açaí from amazonia when you go there. It’s not like a frozen, it’s more like a juice. i think you’re gonna love it

  12. I felt hungry

  13. Jess Dagostin

    you need to try foods from the north!, like vatapá, tacacá, maniçoba, pato no tucupi, castanha do pará (açaí came from the north too)

  14. Alexandre Araujo

    Coloca legenda em português

  15. Try green corn ice cream please you will love it I promise, it's called Sorvete de milho Verde (green corn ice cream)

  16. The title of this series make it sound like: We've discovered this thing like "Bazillion", or something…

  17. Fernando Souza

    What you guys think about our coffee? Brazilians are coffee lovers, and good producer as well. 😀

  18. Eduardo Villas Boas

    Boca de lagarto kkkkkkkkk morri

  19. Déo Teixeira

    Comida brasileira que "VOCÊ NOS FEZ COMER" no Rio de Janeiro? Estranho!

  20. Douglas Ribeiro

    You guys make awesome videos, I loved it. All peace and calm that I can felt when watch this is amazing. +1 subscriber