Brazilian food…the good and the good My thoughts on Brazilian food…the good and the good.
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  1. The soda is made from the seeds of the guarana plant, Paullinia cupana. Guarana is a stimulant similar to caffeine and natives of the Amazon have used it as a drink for hundreds of years. Visitors to the area in the 1600s reported natives drinking guarana drinks. Today, guarana soda makes up at least one-quarter of Brazil's soft drink market, and has fans in the United States.

  2. Stephen Full

    Ouvir o cara pronunciar "refrigerante" me matou a alma.

  3. Rod Rodrigues

    Hey friend, nice video… I would only like to add, that most feijoada makers don't use much of unwanted pig parts anymore. At least in south where I live, I have seen a very few times pig "foot" and "nose" in it. My mother makes it with fresh meat, bacon, and sausage… Thanks for the video friend!

  4. We have a saying "Every thing is better with condensed milk…everything…if you know what I mean! 😉 "

  5. Jeff Brian' Brian

    thanks dude. .

  6. he really respected Brazil's cousine , CadêaChave brought me here

  7. nice smile

  8. Seaweed? It's couve (a kind of cabbage)

  9. Larissa Freitas

    You talk smiling, that's so beautiful

  10. Galera do brasil, q n fala ingles e so colocar legendas e depois ir em comfiguracao ir em legenda e dps procurar portugues.

  11. Cade a chave me trouxe aqui :3

  12. CadeAChave me trouxe aqui

  13. Paula Gandra

    o foda eh ter que ir traduzindo oq ele fala 😓

  14. Leonardo Teodoro

    Cadê a Chave brought me here! :v

  15. Fábio Antunes Fialho

    I'm brazilian and I hate feijoada :3

  16. Gustavo Sossoby

    cadê a chave?

  17. Ruan Orlandini

    CadêaChave me trouxe aqui :3

  18. Raphael Gadelha

    FAROFA pra dar AQUELE REJUNTE no prato!

  19. You most not be from Louisiana to miss Brazilian food. I live in Brazil and people here love my food.

  20. I love the way he's always smiling talking about brazil. <3