Brazilian Food – Eric Meal Time #144

Join me for some Brazilian Barbeque & more!
Info on this restaurant in Tokyo:
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  1. The white flour is cassava/manioc flour, raw as it was served I do not like, I prefer it roasted, it gets more crunchy and tastes way better.

  2. I meant the music you chòse not the restaurant.

  3. I like the music

  4. Jason Galati

    what a horrible video. The camera is never in focus. Making me dizzy

  5. Jason Galati

    thats a chicken drum stick maybe you should know what you are eating

  6. Amir Reza Sadaghiani

    Wow, I didn't know there was room for curry in Brazilian cuisine, quite surprised ……. very nice……

  7. I was in Brazil with work for a week (North of Sao Paolo) so this brought back some good memories. I loved the black been stew (pronounced something like Feshwada) and the meat out there was amazing! Your Feijoada looked a little runny though…


    Could you explain curry for the people who haven't had it

  9. OnePurplePrincess

    How about food from an African country if you have that option in Japan? Also Canadian food? Israeli food? Jordanian Food. Guatemalan? Honduran? Venezuelan? So many countries to explore. Belgium? Scotland? Ireland? Austria. Just to name a few. It's so fascinating watching you explore different cultures and their approach to growing and producing foods, or use of herbs and spices, or prepping and cooking methods, or preserving methods, and then of course the actual protocol and etiquette in eating the cuisine.
    So any new cuisines/cultures you can add or expound upon would be a magnificent gem for your subscribers. Food fodder of exotic tastiness and pleasure 💟😍 YUM❣️

  10. Yes, it is the tradicional brazilian food! I’m brazilian, so i can say it!

  11. Marge Simpson

    Delicioussssssss ….Brazil beautiful

  12. Andrea Kurtz

    I love Brazilian food we have a Buffett in Colorado nothing but Brazilian food delicious but 75$ per person to much for me

  13. Cheryl Goode

    Have you ever thought of doing Peruvian food for an Eric Meal time or Coasta Rican food for an Eric Meal time

  14. Alisson1989b

    Shrimp and garlic we dont eat like a "country food".
    "Muqueca mista" we eat, but without the oysters. Oysters is not commom in Brazil.
    "Pudim" is one of the most common desserts. Really sweet, really good.

  15. Dwight Turner

    That steak got my juices flowing. I need to look up a nice Brazilian restaurant in Louisville.

  16. jayjayhere fre

    chicken leg not thigh. you dumbass

  17. Aline Mendes

    Even tought everything seemed nice and tasty, this isnt how a brazilian bbq restaurant shows and presents their food, its very different. Usually, the restaurant has a buffet with food that isnt meat, like rice, beans, salads and vegetables, and the meat comes to your table: the waiter brings the piece of meat, cuts to you and puts in your plate 😀
    and, as a brazilian, i have never heard about this beer that you tasted, maybe its a super local beer produced in small scale.

    Amazing video, as always, loved to see the way that "churrasco" is served in Japan!

  18. that thing is raw. super raw.

  19. I don't know how you can eat so differents foods at the same night. You would, if you have a chance, apreciate individually each food in different days. One day, only churrasco, other day, only feijoada, other day, only moqueca de peixe… I t is how you should imerse in our coulinary.

  20. Marcelo Alves

    beer fake