Brazilian Food = Awesome Brazilian Food = Awesome.
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  1. Flavio Donizete

    hey , it was very nice that you liked the food and people also, you Always going to be Welcome in Brazil.lm Brazilian and  also traveled the world specialy in Europe, it´s nive to know different cultures.take care. may God bless you.

  2. yeah, but, we do not use ears, nose, foot on Feijoada anymore, you are talking about 100 years ago, in original recipe

  3. Isther Pinheiro

    i loved this! amei isso!

  4. burymeinpink

    Where did he go? Probably the North and Northeast. I'm from São Paulo and we don't eat the weird parts of meat at all, barely pig's foot in feijoada.

  5. I am brazilian I dont care about eggs I love to eat them so much

  6. Pedro Barcelos

    Where did you hear that thing about the eggs? I've never heard about it. Maaaan, I just love eggs. when I'm offered with them, I eat with pleasure.

  7. Gustavo Tavares

    feijoada > life

  8. Search for "alaminuta com feijão" s2

  9. Gerson Pereira

    Rice, black beans, fried eggs and fries will take you to heaven!

  10. I hate feijoada. I´m brazilian. In my opinion it´s a good food 🙂

  11. Katrina Winner

    The best food in my opinion is from Minas Gerais (comida Mineira), even thogh I'm from Rio Grande Do Sul.

    I'm surprised you did not mention barbacue (its more for weekends, a family/friends gathering) and as you tasted, we do not use sauce on it, just marine salt because the meat is DELICIOUS due to the cow eat green, fresh gras.

    Yes, eggs is not even wor

  12. Mocotó is a cow leg cut in slices where you use the jelly part inside the leg (actually its nerves) is cooked with many kings of vegetables and other meats until its melt and turn into a stew. It's very fat but delicious to eat in a cold day!