Brazilian Feijoada – Black Bean & Pork Stew Recipe

Learn how to make a Brazilian Feijoada recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 780 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Brazilian Feijoada recipe!
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  1. This is by far my favorite dish. Miam

  2. You should try to make Guatemalan pepian (chicken).

  3. Beans and greens sounds like a good start to a year to me.

  4. Your feijoada looks really good!

  5. And as always eenjjoy!

  6. burymeinpink

    Other possible garnishes: braised kale, orange vinaigrette, and yes the white rice is required by law. Also pinga. Also also, don't eat this on a week day. If you don't take a nap afterwards, you'll die.

  7. Raphael Anjos

    You are amazing!! Just the farofa detail ahahahahaha

  8. Omg gringo lol… no cassava flour, no feijoada. And the fact that you had to use your potato masher to make it thick is the proof that you got it all wrong. It is like trying to make a burger out of minced meat. Rofl!

  9. Ruth Salinas

    Beef jerky?? 🤔

  10. isn't Feijoada traditionally full of tripe and organ meat? All the cheap cuts? I've never seen it with jerky and italian sausage.

  11. Alexandre Martins

    Bikini models actually try to gain weight in their butt… so true!!!! lol

  12. Alexandre Martins

    Hi Chef John. Me again (several years too late). Great video, as always. You… are the first… American… I've…. ever met… who pronounced "fejioada" and didn't mess the word up! I'm impressed! Joking aside, great video. Oh, and I know many people (including here) don't like to use these parts, but traditional feijoada includes pork ears, tail and trotters, and I personally love those!

  13. the beef jerky was a substitute for carne seca?

  14. Clarissa Stasinski

    Oh yeah… the seasonings go after the bean is cooked, so it can cook throughly. If u put the onion in the beginning, the beans dont get as soft.

  15. Clarissa Stasinski

    Bom trabalho, chef John! Good job lol on the reverse comments

  16. Clarissa Stasinski

    I want pani puri by chef John 😍😍

  17. Gisela Veras

    In the Dominican Republic we make this dish and call it Cocido. All Latin and Carribean countries make this dish but call it a different name and serve it with a different side dish but ALWAYS with white rice.

  18. Elisa Flores

    DELISH …

  19. Winning Grinn

    Créma di Bacalhao next ?

  20. Ndagire priscila

    Cassava flour is made out of cassava mostly grows in tropics and Africa,Caribbean.. I eat cassava every morning