Brazilian Cheese Steak Recipe | X-Tudo Inspired Cheese Steak Sandwich

My twist and tribute to both the Philly Cheese Steak and Brazilian X-Tudo Burger. This is unlike any cheese steak sandwich you’ve ever seen! A special thanks to the folks at Porter Road Butchers for sending me a beautiful picanha. Porter Road:


  1. Ballistic BBQ

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    You're my hero lol love the show

  3. geniuschen902074

    6:46 I know the feeling when laying down those three eggs πŸ˜‰
    That is a GOOD sandwich

  4. Public Service Announcement: β€œDo not eat this while operating a motor vehicle”

  5. Não é lanche brasileiro se não é uma bagunça pra comer

  6. Love the sandwich, but you dumped lots of meat, a sandwich is good if you can close it good with little mess

  7. Cooking Is Amazing

    Great looking cheese steak! Looks so delicious and messy! Great video!!

  8. "I want a mother of all sandwiches that can fix my hangover."


  9. That's a great (and surprisingly accurate) take on the X-Tudo! Some sidenotes: We use waaaay cheaper low-moisture mozzarella cheese here. Also much cheaper heavy-industrialized ham. Also, most X-Tudos have lettuce and, eventually, tomatos and pickles. Yes, when we say "cheese-everything" we actually mean "everything" lol. Sometimes they'll even drop an extra smash burger in there! Either way, this looks amazingly delicious!

  10. BBQ For Beginners UK

    You got a longboard!! Yummy!!

  11. BBQ For Beginners UK

    β€œThis is a mess! β€œπŸ€ͺ I bet it tasted great!!

  12. George Cutting

    Definitely not your American type cheesesteak that being said that looked absolutely phenomenal and you really can't keep going back to the same old thing you got to improve on things and make them better and that just made cheesesteak a whole lot better

  13. Marcos Paulo Almeida


  14. Greg, I really appreciate the effort you put into coming up with new recipes. Your channel really stands out!

  15. Serious Thinking

    EXCELLENT !!!!

  16. You are the bbq mad scientist great cook Greg πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Irresistible Replacement

    that’s a gnarly sandwich dad

  18. like it

  19. Stephen Harriman

    OMG, Greg that looks great! That to me looks like it would be a great brunch sandwich with maybe a mimosa or three.

  20. Hobo Nichol BBQ Testing Laboratory

    I was just about to text you to ask the peas and corn origin when you started explaining it. Really dug this one