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Learn how to make Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)! These grain-free, but root-rich buns are easy to make, and feature a chewy, cheesy, bready center, encased in a thin pastry crust. They’re as unique as they are delicious, and can be made with any of your favorite cheeses. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this easy Brazilian Cheese Bread recipe!

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  1. Carlos Augusto Moura

    After 8 years following was about time, a brazilian recipe. I dare you to recreate the Moqueca (fish stew)

  2. Remigio Moncayo

    Probably best to put a bit of royal baking powder to make them puffier.

  3. I ate 16 of these yumminess last time at a churrasco place. Lol

  4. I would absolutely be adding diced bacon and olives to these.

  5. Chef John, You really should put GLUTEN FREE in the title, if I had not come from Guga's recipe which I clicked on as I really love my bread expecting I wouldn't be able to make it as I am gluten intolerant I would not have clicked your recipe either without the GLUTEN FREE in the title.

  6. Omg the way he talk is so fucking annoying

  7. Krishna Sreenivasan


  8. Cody Ratcliffe

    This dude has such a peculiar sense of humour and I catch myself laughing during his videos often

  9. Martine LaBelle

    I have been using the mix for this for years. thanks for making them from scratch. Also my office loves these so much especially served with pesto.

  10. My father is Brazilian and he makes these all the time for snacks! They sell them at some stores too, but I would prefer them homemade! Also, my opinion, but when they cool down, the next day, they taste really good! It's a tradition of my family to make them every year! 💛

  11. Danielle Santana

    Beautiful recipe! Congrats from a Brazilian who loves baking Pāo de queijo! Parabéns!

  12. You're the best.. anyway, can I use rice flour instead of tapioca flour?

  13. Lenny Online

    I respect your presentation as you inform things in details. I don't know if your recipe is out of this world but your presentation is ideal.

  14. Paola Rodcal

    These are called cuñape in Bolivia 🇧🇴

  15. Bruno Filgueiras

    oh man, you nailed it!!!

  16. aint neva cooked skurd. life o def inda kitchen

  17. Walter Gaspar


  18. The Last Neanderthal

    You have brought on the quintessencial delicacy of my childhood. They are great for breakfast with a strong cup of coffee.
    By the way, if you can find the fermented tapioca flower, mix it 50/50 with the regular tapioca flower. The taste is even better.

  19. Fabiana Calegari

    Well done 👍, I am Brazilian and that is one of the way you can do pão de queijo 🧀!! The other way is kind of wet, then you need to use a cup cake pan, no need to boil the milk and oil!!! And we mix the 2 tapioca starch( azedo e doce).

  20. what is the difference between tapioca flour vs starch?