Brazilian BBQ in Tokyo – Eric Meal Time #347

Info on Brazilian BBQ restaurant chain Barbacoa w/ 9 locations in Japan:
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  1. Snack pack please!

  2. What! No way you gonna quit on us 🙁

  3. Allmadeupmama

    “Got Some”

  4. Afrocian_Canadian Live

    My heart actually dropped when I heard you say you were done, I called my dad, girlfriend, best friend and even my neighbor! You are my favourite food channel by FAR! I don’t what I’d do if you stopped making videos..

  5. matthew mina

    Should of finished through…… 😳

  6. matthew mina

    Noooooo!!!! I just discovered you. I wish you the best in preserving life. You have helped preserve mine with your videos.

  7. TrioBoleroJazz

    Love your videos man! I was worried when you said this was your last video. Keep up the awesome videos!

  8. Jantina Haspels

    Never eat the pineapple at the steakhouse. It kills your appetite. They deliberately serve it to stop you from eating more.

  9. Freemasonry Watch

    So you are going from a clown to a Japanese brain surgeon. And you expect us to believe this?

  10. Tracy Stapleton

    Where is the brazilian bread?!?!?!?!?!

  11. Tracy Stapleton

    It looks like the same quality as a good Brazilian steakhouse in USA, but for half the price! NICE

  12. Robert Sabala

    nooooooooooooo don't go

  13. Martin marty

    very happy to know your continue to make videos 🤗🤗👍👍👍

  14. Christopher Gutierrez

    Love Brazilian BBQ! if your ever in the U.S.A I recommend you try Texas de Brazil, or Rodizio in Denver, CO. Lunch time of course always the better price!

  15. Marrisa Starvaggi

    Love your videos. I could watch you all day! Keep those viseos coming.

  16. A surgeon 😂😁🤣 BTW I was one of the people who said to keep your beard, but I think that ya probably look better without it. 👍👍👍Keep the meal times coming Dr. Eric

  17. thescooterbignuts


  18. I need to find a Brazilian Bbq near me!

  19. asbjørn viller

    This cant be over 🙁

  20. Dear Eric, If your not going to be using your account anymore give it to your son so he keep the channel alive i don't want it to see it die it will break my heart i love this channel and do did my bf he didn't like it at first but then it grew on him and now he really enjoys your and your sons videos just an idea though you would like to hear it we love your channel and we are happy your got a new job it will support your family even more!!! Love Annika and Matthew Webb <3