Brazilian BBQ Churrascaria at Texas De Brazil

Hold on to hat Fred, come hungry…This place ROCKS!


  1. Clown Lives Matter

    Nice slide show. When you get your YouTube wings maybe you can do a live review lol

  2. Ms Notdoingtomuchhere

    NIce place to be around the finest of your family and friends.

  3. A man yum yum, I love it yum yum. I'm going in two weeks for my daughter birthday. I want to say, yum yum.

  4. your favorite is call picanha……. is one of the best cut of meat… favorite too…..

  5. That was awesome. I loved how you were making your self hungry and had to stop talking for a second that was super cute.

  6. Harlley Farias

    The brazilian bbq is the best in the world

  7. Your commentary was hilarious.

  8. AndrΓ© Capelupi

    comida brasileira a melhor do mundo?

  9. kyle metheney

    this is the greatest narration ever.

  10. helcio thedark

    americans they love brazilian food hahahaha

  11. TryToDoRight

    I was just like you brother in shock and awe the entire time! note to everyone else: the best meats come to your table last so try not to pig out the sausages to early !!

  12. you're awesome bro!!!

  13. Mark Britton

    I came to your page wanting to see what you cooked, not what a restaurant cooked!

  14. Looked great JB. The quality looks awesome. I hope they open one up near me.

  15. It sure looks like they really put on a spread with great attention to detail.
    The food presentation has to be a head up on how awesome it all tastes.

  16. I wish they had one here in Kansas! Never heard of them. Looks absolutely amazing. Now its midnight and i am starvin marvin!

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  18. Good eating right there!

  19. Tipping Toast Media

    do they have the red light , green light stickers to let them know you wanna slow down? and do they bring by food on swords to you? like the meats?

  20. Interesting video, Jeff πŸ™‚ Nice Place and the food looks really great, too! Thanks and thumbs up, Norfolk Joe