Brazilian A La Carte – La Gira Rodizio ~ Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

Brazilian A La Carte – La Gira Rodizio ~ Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya. À la carte is a French language loan phrase meaning “according to the menu”. Most all inclusive resorts have A La Carte restaurants, but what are they like? What do you get?
We have 3 A La Carte restaurants to take advantage of during our one week all inclusive stay at the Grand Sirenis Maya Beach Resort, this is included in the all inclusive price and there is no extra charge.
The first in our selection is the La Gira Rodizio featuring a Brazilian theme. It’s a meat lovers dream with 7 different meat selections served one after the other. The meats are prepared using Churrascari cooking style – marinated and then slowly grilled. It was DELICIOUS!!! Following that is your choice of desert and grilled pineapple. All drinks, including wine, beer and spirits are included.
The food, service and atmosphere were all first class and we came away full and satisfied.
Highly recommended restaurant for meat lovers.
Music: Tango by Alexandr Filippov


  1. No brazilian

  2. Fake Brazilian restaurant…..

  3. Watty Hutton

    Do NOT order a bottle of wine from them, they charged me £60 GBP for a bottle of red wine here! Unacceptable!

  4. Falso brasileiro kkkk

  5. Normandy Wiegand

    Did you drink the water he poured from the pitcher?

  6. Daniel Chagas

    O.K! Definitely this is not a brazilian restaurant.

  7. Admilson Assis

    Não parece ser churrasco brasileiro.


    Drink Some Alcohol with your meal dude.

  9. Heading out there in June from sun starved Scotland. Love watching your videos, very informative and entertaining.
    Can I ask you question dude?

    In the rooms, where the whirlpool bath is, there's a big hole in the wall, can you cover this with frosted glass or is there like sliding door or a Venetian blind/shutters to close it over?
    I'm going with my family of 4, wife, 2 kids and myself. I don't fancy my 12 year old seeing me in the bath ! LOL

  10. oh dang! the guy in the suit must be a manager. grilled meat look awesome.

  11. This is not a Brazilian restaurant not  even a copycat!

  12. Paulo Roberto

    Isso é uma imitação de restaurante brasileiro.

  13. Angelo Guidi

    O Paraíba vc e i maior 71 corta a carne grossa e ainda se arma

  14. Dustin Dunsmuir

    I would assume that if you had more than a small piece you are not going to be able to try everything before you get full!

  15. joao carlos alberto

    tudo legal mas os churrasqueiro tem que tirar um curso de como c corta carne (cade o fininho)

  16. @QuentinQuark For most of the a la carte restaurants, men must wear long pants(can even been jeans) and closed shoes. Women just no shorts.

  17. QuentinQuark

    Hi, is there a dress code for the A La Carte restaurants? Are there any restaurants that you actually do have to pay extra for? Thanks, nice video!!

  18. @Apvatar3000 It was under $1200/per person from Calgary AB for 2 weeks and all but 1 restaurant is included in that price. This restaurant was included.

  19. why do they just give little pieces ? and not the whole thing ? lol..and how much did you pay in total ? in us dollars?

  20. why do they just give little pieces ? and not the whole thing ? lol