Bottle Gourd | 3 in 1 Dishes | Kheer (Pudding), Raita & Curry Vegetable

Bottle Gourds (LAUKI) & Round Gourds (KADDU) are age old vegetables of the Gourd family grown on vines. They have been used in the Indian households since time immemorial.
Very very old references can be found in the archives about Bottle Gourds which can date back to thousands of years.
They are healthy vegetables which are easily available and easily made around the world especially in India.
Currently there is a fad among the health conscious people to consume Bottle Gourds in the form of RAW juices etc.

We did some research on this and found RAW Bottle Gourds & RAW Round Gourds unhealthy to consume due to various poisons prevalent in the same. So we made 3 cooked healthy options from the Bottle Gourds which can be used for healthy conscious in today’s times. The long Bottle Gourd with the curved end was procured from Organic farmer of village Thandewala near Muktsar (Punjab).
The Bottle Gourd was divided into 3 parts to make 3 different healthy dishes.
1) Bottle Gourd Kheer (Pudding)
2) Bottle Gourd Raita
3) Bottle Gourd Curry Vegetable.

Product Made By: Kulvir Kaur
Directed By: Gurjinder .S. Brar
Video Produced By: Divraj P. S. Brar (Div.B)
VoiceOver By: Divraj P. S. Brar (Div.B)

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