Here we provides the RECIPE of best butter chicken which was by mr. sanjeev kapoor Chef. visit UEI Global has been rated as best Hotel Management BBA MBA institute in India. UEI Global has 12 campuses in India and provide 100 % placements. For more information call 44151515 or email at
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  1. Jack Tristao

    I thought the video would be in English! :(((

  2. Vikram Chawla

    Truly a legend

  3. I can't understand Korean :(

  4. best chef in world!!!! all chefs are nothing infront of him………..

  5. i like this all my Friends look this will be good food

  6. manav Porwal

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes.

  7. manav Porwal

    I m a chef myself in Australia n i have been making butter chicken old traditional ways fir a long time but this onw with less ingredients is lot tastier. Customers seriously went crazy. Hats off to you chef.

  8. I like

  9. Deblina Bhattacharya

    This recipe is reallly yummmy…..thanks sanjeev sir..

  10. BenjaminGoose

    I wish I understood! 🙂 what language is this?

  11. kamruzzaman shamim

    Nice recipe

  12. Dayani Sathe

    lovely……where do I get the gas tandoor if I want to buy……please let me know…your receipe is too good….

  13. Raheen Sumbad

    Thank you chef. 

  14. somebodyeccentric

    You are adorable, chef! :)

  15. Sekar Ethiraj

    its yummy…………………i tried

  16. Thank your chef, i made the recipe was too good.

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