Best BRAZILIAN FOOD! Steaks, Picanha, Chicharrón, Desserts and More!

This is what food heaven looks like. When taking a quick trip to Brazil, I took advantage to show you where I (Guga) am from! Being from Uberaba, Minas Gerais (MG) in Brasil I get to have to most delicious Brazilian food of all time done by a real authentic chef. This amazing food was all created in a traditional wood fire stove by my best friend Marcelo and his wife Nayanna. This was an experience I will never forget and editing this video brought tears to my eyes. I hope you enjoy this video as much I did, thanks for your support.

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    Hope you enjoyed my little trip to Brazil. Lot's of people are asking me about the Giraffe! Her name is Loira (Means Blonde Girl) it's true that in Brazil Giraffe is not native.

    That was my uncle's farm. He is environmentalist and has several exotic animals living free in his farm. It is not open to the public and it is a special place where all animals live free and that is where he spends his retirement.

    By far the most magical place I have ever been. Let me know if you enjoy trips like this and I will do more. Thanks for you support and hope you enjoy the video.

  2. Vitor Arduini

    Rapaz… nascido e criado em Uberaba e não sabia dessa paisagem MARAVILHOSA… Que foda!!

  3. Naiana muito obrigada 😲🤙🏼comida🔝🔝🔝

  4. the food looks so damn good, i was wondering if they eat chicharron in brazil, this video answers my question

  5. is there any chance to help me to provide with easy classic Brazilian dinner recipe for my Brazilian friends in here at Chicago, PLEASE ?

  6. hello, it is amazing, I live in Chicago, I would like to invite my Brazilian friends for dinner, I'm really good with grill skills however i would like to cook for them whole traditional meal… can you provide with easy traditional meal for whole meal recipe to surprise them please….best regards, Konrad

  7. indahouse555

    Brazilian dinner:
    1. meat.
    2. Meat.
    3. Meat.
    4. Chicken.

    Brazilians are awesome man.
    I've been in brazil 2 years ago and it's one of my favorites places. Have to go back there!

  8. DemonKingAjax

    Guga please take me with you next time you go!!! It all looks so amazing!

  9. Reminds me of soul food….. and I LOVE soul food😁

  10. I'm always very impressed with the music Guga uses. Gives the videos such a great atmosphere to accompany the content

  11. wutgodretodd

    You left that beautiful place for South Florida? I live in South Florida. I want to go there! 😀

  12. WOW this is awesome. I have to visit brasil in my lifetime

  13. Vimukthi Rathnayaka

    Those blue maca's will never be seen again

  14. Get Me Out of Here

    Let’s do it! —thanks for bringing us along Guga.

  15. Bro Tabouleh salad ain't Brazilian!! That's Syrian and Lebanese all the way

  16. this intro should be your intro for every guga foods video. its AMAZING!! EVERYBODY.

  17. Amazing…what a great video!

  18. Tommy Nyberg

    Great to see some footage from Brazil. Minas Gerais looks very beautiful!! Have to make a trip there from São Paulo soon. Awesome to hear you speak some Portuguese as well! 😀

  19. Joshua 윤호 Han

    guga doing a million happy dances in his head eating all this bomb ass looking food!

  20. jesus zuniga

    Wow Guga. Great video! Picanha is about $4.00 a lb in Brasil?