Bento Lunch Menu 1 – Japanese Cooking 101

This 1 minute video will show you how to prepare a typical Japanese Bento lunch. It includes steamed rice, Kabocha no Nimono, Beef Shigreni, and Tamagoyaki.
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  1. radiantchristina

    if packing that for lunch at work, do you re heat it? i found my bento boxes are not microwave safe. also, sometimes i find it hard to eat directly from the bentos since its packed tight…any suggestions?

  2. believe it or not, home made obentos are some of the most filling meals…

  3. Lol this music is from the game japan life omg memories

  4. CatLovezTokioHotel

    WHAT WAS THE Kabocha No Nimono?? and is that all to make the eggs for Tamagoyaki??? just egg folded and cooked??

  5. Alex Mendoza

    What kind of rice do you use and how long do u cool the food and do you eat the hot foods cold ??

  6. Andrey Berdnikov

    Друзья, вот прекрасная идея для бенто с собой.
    Просто, быстро и вкусно – по-японски!
    #бенто #японская #кухня #ланч #ниппон
    Продукты из Японии, как всегда, в сети магазинов НИППОН

  7. Leijoy Gonzales

    such a fresh yummy looking bento.. ^_^

  8. mateusz dudzinski

    one question is….how can u not be hungry after eating dat box?? on my lunch at work i must have at least 2 big sandwiches and chips and fruit etc

  9. I always envy the little Bentos in Japan. My mom had this fixed idea that school field trip(Ensoku), a kid should take 3 Onigiris and a hard boiled egg with a little packet of salt. We weren't poor or anything but I think my mom was never a good, creative cook. Now I'm 50+, I often make Bentos for myself and my grown up son. I pack Kimpira Gobo, Tamago yaki, sausages, shio Kombu, Umeboshi, etc. It's fun once in awhile. 

  10. Should I make it the day before?

  11. Kelyrin's Cooking & Bento

    That was so awesome ! I am in love with bento as you can see in my channel's title ! This was a traditional beautiful and delicious looking bento, thank you so much for sharing !!! 🙂 <3 

  12. I have the exact same bento ^.^ <3

  13. This seems to be about the amount I usually eat for lunch :)

  14. Do you prepare all these different dishes at the start of the week and keep them stored for putting in the bento or do they usually take hours on end to make every dish added each day???

  15. Make more Bento videos!!

  16. I have bentos boxes, but how to eat food that you can't reheat because the containers are not for microwaves?

  17. that tamago looks yummy.

  18. Is this bento for a kid or an adult? 


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