Bengali Mustard Fish Curry Recipe (Sarse Bata Maach)-Macher Jhol Recipe

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  1. Naval Rathod

    Hi Mam….Can Rohu B replaced with Bangda or any other salt water fish ?

  2. hello Kabita, this looks very tempting indeed. However we don't use garlic and coriander seeds in this recipe. Both of them don't compliment the pungent taste of mustard and therefore they're not used. Heat the oil, use a tadka of kalonji( which goes extremely well with mustard and posto/poppy seeds) and slit green chillies. Add a little bit of turmeric…fry till the smell of the turmeric goes. Add the mustard paste, salf and some water. Add the fish and turn off the flame.

  3. Amina Bhesaniaviraf

    Check out this video on YouTube: 

  4. very soft and sweet voice

  5. Goutam Sengupta

    Hi Kabita, I admire your enthusiasm but this is anything but bengali mustard fish curry. No self respecting bengali will use garlic and ginger in shorshe baata maach. And TOMATOOOO! why !?

    Take it from a guy who loves cooking, and dreams about food, and who has grown up on a staple diet of shorshe maach and rice, that this is a very simple recipe with freshly grounded mustard paste, salt, mustard oil, green chillies, little bit of haldi and that is it. Sprinkle a hand full of chopped coriander just before taking it off the heat. You dont want to fry the fish so much and make it so crish and chewy. Most people will not fry the fish, and even if you do, do so ever so lightly, and dont throw the the flavored oil. If you want i can give you the full step by step recipe.

    How ever, I will try your recipe but with a twist. I will follow till you fry the fish, and then simply have it with musoor daal ( thin, with onion and chopped coriander), rice and a simple salad.

    Happy Cooking!

  6. Tapesh Majumdar

    excelllent …..

  7. Thanks Kavita..
    Finally I found authenticated fish recipe ( not with onion)….

  8. hey kabita, sorry for replying so late …. i made this fish curry today  and replied u straight away…. it came out super delicious 🙂 got lot of compliments from my family …. thanks dear for making our lunch super tasty…. stay blessed n keep rising 🙂  will wait for more of your yummy recipes as i subscribed your channel 🙂 looking forward 

  9. lovely kabita….. amazing recipe with such clear instructions….. it is super easy and m sure its gonna be super yumm as well 🙂 will make it tmrw and will definately let you know…. thanks a lot u look gorgeous 🙂 keep up the good work :)

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