BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 765

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  1. Can you do like I don't know pulled chicken or halal beef? Instead of pork?

  2. Light Chaser

    Hi Laura, could I use a smaller piece of pork?

  3. I just bought a 9 lb shoulder to make this, can't wait! 

  4. No need for BBQ, just make an au jus out of the drippings. No sense in wasting it.

  5. Laila Kamrun

    If I want to make it with beef, would it work?  and which part of the beef should I be using?

  6. Watching this at night (2pm)
    N im feeling hungry suddenly…dont know what to do..

    Laura you are so beautiful and your food are amazing also!
    Love you from Taiwan♥

  7. Nicoleta Tudose

    I love this Recipe!
    Thank you so much Laura!

  8. Holy heart attack

  9. Angela Patrick

    Hey Laura your my inspiration keep up the good work

  10. But I like most your cooking. Your r great. 

  11. A lot people make this mistake. If you want your pull pork or beef juicy and moist when you bake it Left it off the pan. You leave it in the pan fat will fried the meat and it will be dry. 

  12. valerie salazar

    What are the directions to cook on the crock pot? Please answer! 

  13. jon got the D, I could not resist…. I am sorry

  14. Brian Ferrell

    Laura I love your show I really do, but the best pulled pork is Eastern NC style, over hardwood coals. My wifes homemade coleslaw and sweet and sour vinegar based bbq sauce. just sayin;

  15. Pulled the pork mmmm

  16. My new fav cooking channel 

  17. HI will it take a less time to cook in the oven if i divide the pork into 2-3 pcs?

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