BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 765

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  1. Victoria Gonzales


  2. do you just do it the same way in the slow cooker or do you need to add water or something?

  3. Chris Wright

    Other things you can do with this is inject your pork with some apple juice. Also instead of time, just shoot for 190-195 degree's :)

  4. Laura can you do a few recipes like this for a single guy, your recipes are great but too much for me me. Love your cooking !

  5. Tayler Howard

    my mom make her on bbq sauce

  6. Gwen Robinson

    Laura great recipe

  7. Made this last night, and it was one of the greatest dinners I have ever had! Can't wait for more, and I am looking forward to your 1000th recipe, Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Whitney Sanders

    when I make pulled pork I use it for all kinds of things. pizza, nachoes, even add some to salad for a southern style salad with corn and bell peppers

  9. Wesley Bromley

    you're right where you need to be! Keep it up laura!

  10. athena cohen

    how long do u leave it in for if its a smaller piece of pork………can someone tell me please? thank u………..i cant stand when people give thumbs down to her great and informative videos………makes no sense

  11. May Castillon

    I don't understand why there are people giving thumbs down when Laura is doing great in sharing her cooking skills and recipes. Get out of here!
    Laura ignore them please!

  12. my god your soooooo sexy,lucky husband

  13. Does it make a difference gas oven or electric oven??

  14. Ashley Rivera

    So i made this today….AMAZING!!!! Everyone loved it. Laura you inspire me so much in the kitchen. Thank you tons.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous. Made this with mum for tea (dinner). I really enjoyed it :). Thank you for sharing!

  16. michael giraldo

    I only have 2 pounds of pork shoulder so is it ok that I only leave it in the stove for about 2.5 hours and then another half an hour? it's about the same amount as some ribs I made the same way and they were falling apart around 3 hours.

  17. Lorenzo Mueller

    Looks really gr8 🙂
    I went through the recipe and stumbled about the ingredience "Lots of salt and pepper"
    So my question: How much salt and pepper ?
    2 Tbsp of each ?
    Thx in advance for your fast reply

  18. Angela LeMaster

    Laura rocks!

  19. I made this today , plus the homemade barbecue sauce, and it is to die for!!! I've never had a pulled pork like this. My boyfriend was extremely happy as well 🙂 also making your own barbecue sauce makes such a HUGE difference, if u can make your own, please do. Thank you for this video Laura, it was amazing. :)

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